What Does Russel Wilson Eat In A Day And What Can NFL Players Take Away From This?


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Russel Wilson, the new quarterback of the Denver Broncos, has played in the NFL for 10 straight seasons. For those of you who know a little about American football, it is a high-contact sport, requires lots of energy, and runs a high risk of injury. This is why NFL players make sure their diets are on point so they can sustain this level of contact for many years.

While you were on your phone scrolling to bet on the Super Bowl in which Russel Wilson was playing, Russ was making sure his diet and nutritional needs were being met. Let’s see what Super Bowl champion Russel Wilson eats in a single day…

Meal 1: Tablespoon of Almond Butter, a Tablespoon of Jam

Whether this is simply tradition or has some strong nutritional bonus of Wilson is unknown. However, individually, almond butter is a nut butter with high monounsaturated fat content. Fats are used for long-term energy and this first meal helps Russel Wilson have energy throughout the day. And what better way to pair a nut butter than with a jam?

Meal 2: Two Cups of Oatmeal, Six Whole Eggs, Fruit, and One Chicken Breast

I have to say, Russel Wilson is not the most aesthetic when it comes to his meals. He mixed ingredients that are not the traditional breakfast foods together for breakfast. However, he is Russel Wilson and his performance speaks magnitudes about the efficacy of his diet.

One important thing to note is the emphasis on protein. Through this meal, Wilson has consumed north of 50 grams of protein which is an amazing start. This meal contains a hardy carbohydrate source in the oatmeal, a fat source in the egg yolks, and protein sources in the chicken and egg whites. Furthermore, Wilson does not forget his micronutrients and eats fruit.

Meal 3: One Fruit, 12 Almonds

This is less of a meal and more of a snack for Wilson. As an NFL player, you must be consuming high numbers of calories every day to sustain your high energy output. This is why Wilson elects to consume calorically dense snacks such as nuts. And again, fruits for the micronutrients.

Meal 4: 8 Ounces of Chicken, Yams/Rice/Potatoes, and Vegetables

This is the iconic meal in the health industry. A lean protein source, a carbohydrate source, and your greens. There is a common theme in Wilson’s meals which is protein. 8 ounces of chicken consist of roughly 60 grams of protein which is a very solid amount.

Meal 5: 8 Ounces of Chicken, Yams/Rice/Potatoes, and Vegetables

Wilson is known for his consistency on the field with his training regimen and his work ethic. But now we see the behind-the-scenes and are impressed with his consistency in the kitchen. Despite his high caloric needs, Wilson does not elect to eat highly processed foods such as fast-food burgers, pizza, or fries. His consistency in eating health directly correlates to his strong performance on the field.

Meal 6: A Fruit, 12 Almonds

Wilson is a man of discipline. Again, a solid snack with healthy fats and high calories that feed his needs.

Meal 7: A Fruit, 12 Almonds, Whey Protein

Does anyone find it interesting how Wilson is so precise with his almonds? The majority of us would just grab a handful, not paying attention to the specific number. However, Russel tracks his nutrition and makes sure his body is properly and accurately being fed.

Meal 8: Fish/Steak and Vegetables

This is the first unique meal in Wilson’s diet where he eats a non-poultry meat source. Despite the meats not being as lean as chicken, Wilson still is getting lots of protein and fat into his diet which helps him with long-term energy, and the Super Bowl lines reflect his prowess.

Meal 9: Fruit and Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses has many benefits such as gut health and supporting bone and hair health.

Now it is important to note that Russel Wilson is a pro athlete who is in the gym or on the field almost every day. He burns many more calories through physical activity than the average human. Therefore, if you look at his diet and are shocked by the sheer volume of food, remember to find your own personal needs by calculating your caloric needs through your height, weight, activity level, and physical goals.

Not everyone can eat like Russel Wilson, but if you are a professional football player, make sure to take some things from Wilson. He has proven the success of this diet through his performance. As soon as Wilson was traded to the Broncos, their Super Bowl odds skyrocketed.

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