What Happens During A Check-up At A Male Clinic?


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What Happens During A Check-up At A Male Clinic?

One of the necessary measures to keep your sexual health in check is going to a male clinic for a check-up. Going for a check-up will help you prevent different health risk factors. More so, it is a lot easier to go to a male fertility clinic and have yourself checked than to go through struggles due to disorders you could have prevented or easily treated.

It is important to consult a doctor and give the appropriate attention to your sexual health as it can affect the different aspects of your health such as physical, mental, nervous, emotional, and social health. Simply put, sexual health affects your overall well-being. Experiencing sexual disorders can result in loss of confidence, stress, and relationship problems which can be all addressed if you take the chance to have a check-up and be open to treatment programs. If you suffer from infertility, there’s no reason to lose hope, as there are numerous alternatives – like home insemination, IVF, and IUI (intrauterine insemination) – that you and your partner can consider.

Things to prepare before the check-up:

  • A list of the medicines you take
  • Health insurance card
  • A list of your immunizations

What happens?

  • The first step in the check-up consists of filling out a health form and the doctor asking significant questions such as your family and medical history, how you are feeling at the moment, whether you have observed symptoms or irregularities recently, and such.
  • Your vital signs will be checked and this includes your heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, together with your height and weight. The doctor or clinical assistant will also ask for a urine sample. Collecting your urine sample is important to examine whether there is an infection and how your kidneys are functioning.
  • The doctor then evaluates your physical appearance by your skin and your hair as symptoms can appear in these parts of your body.
  • Your tonsils, teeth, gums, ears, and nose will also be examined to check for different possible disorders.
  • For an overall health check-up, urine, blood, and plasma samples will be taken by the doctor and sent to a laboratory for further evaluation and detection of any issues concerning your organs, immune systems, and blood chemistry. Also, thyroid and diabetes screenings may also be asked by the doctor.
  • As a male patient, you will have to go through a prostate cancer screening, testicular exam, and cholesterol test. In a testicular exam, the doctor will be checking for lumps or changes in size and tenderness. It is advised in men to begging prostate cancer screening when one reaches the age of 40 or 50. More so, cholesterol screening is advisable for men at 35 or even as early as 20 years old depending on their genetic predisposition to diabetes or heart diseases.
  • After undergoing these physical tests, screenings, and evaluations, the doctor will talk to you about keeping a healthy lifestyle and what you can do to prevent different risk factors. It is also possible that you may be advised to have the needed immunizations that you have not taken.

To know more about different risk factors, disorders, treatment programs, and what you need to know about sexual health, you can follow this link.

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