What To Know About Working In Personal Training?


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If you love helping others and working out, you might want to become a personal trainer. Since you already love fitness, you might have done personal training. Still, there are more things you’ll need to do to get your certification as a personal trainer. For instance, you’ll likely need to get a relevant degree for the niche you want to specialize in, and you will need to get certified as well.

Preparing for the Career Path

You’ll likely need to obtain some degree or certification before entering the field. The fitness industry has many careers, and getting the right graduate degree can open many doors to jobs in performance, sports medicine, and nutrition. For example, if you want to be an exercise physiologist, you might need a kinesiology degree. And sports nutritionists often require a degree in exercise science, nutrition, or medicine. Suppose you are going to college and need financial help. In that case, you can get a student loan from a private lender to pay for your graduate medical degree. It’s easy to shop for a low-interest rate, and you can get loans on your terms whether you are a cosigner or student.

Getting Your Certification

If you think personal training is the right option, you’ll want to get certified next. You’ll want to work with an accredited certifying organization. That means a third party has accredited its certification protocols. It’s often best to decide which employer you want to work for and determine which certifications they require. Do your research before getting certified. For instance, learn whether the exam needs to be taken online or if you have to go somewhere. And while the cost is not everything, you’ll still want to research the price ranges, which might be anywhere from $300 to $1,000+. Some courses have prerequisites, so make sure you are familiar with those.

The Advantages of Working in Personal Training

There are plenty of benefits of the career path, such as being able to help those do something you love. Plus, you have many job options, and the area is highly flexible. There is a lot of room for variety and growth. You might use it as a starting point for becoming a health writer or fitness instructor.

Still, you’ll want to consider all the angles before deciding to enter the field. For example, the hours you work might be the ones convenient for your client. That might be on weekends or evenings when they are off work. And they might need to cancel at the last minute. That means your income might not be stable since you’ll likely only get paid for the sessions you complete with a client. There is some risk of burnout since it takes a lot of physical and mental energy. At the same time, the field is often advantageous. It’s an excellent job for those who love working with people, allowing you to know each client. You can be creative to do a workout that perfectly fits their needs.

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