Where to Set Up Your Billboards in North Carolina


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Do you want to target North Carolina during your next advertising campaign? NC has a lot to offer! From professional sports to tourist attractions, billboards around these locations in NC can do very well for you. You just need to know where to place them.

Read on to discover where you should set up your Billboards in North Carolina.

Major Cities are the Key

It is best to start with the major cities if your business wants to target the state of North Carolina, especially if you are not a local business. As a rule, most major cities are a fair representation of the demographics in the surrounding areas. If your billboards do well in a city, you can branch your advertising out from there.

Here are the three major cities in North Carolina that would be great for your billboards.


Charlotte is the biggest city in NC, with a population of over 2 million. There is no doubt a well-placed billboard here will give your brand plenty of impressions to make a difference. Many areas within the city present different demographics, so it is best to have a better understanding of those before choosing your charlotte billboards location.


The capital of NC is Raleigh. This city may not be the largest, but it has several large universities like Duke, NC State, and UNC-Chapel Hill. These are the perfect place for billboards if your company wants to target young scholars.


Greensboro is next on the list for North Carolina cities. It is not the biggest or prettiest city in NC, but it has a large population, a few colleges, and is often traveled through. Your billboards will not go unnoticed here, providing that your ad design is well crafted.

While you cannot go wrong with any one of these three cities, let’s just focus on one for now. Charlotte billboards will see the highest concentration of people and be located near several major interstates, making it an ideal place to reach as many people as possible.

Charlotte Billboard Locations

Just about any billboard location in Charlotte will be effective. But before you pull the trigger, it is still best to have a general understanding of the different areas within the city and what markets tend to be there.

South End

If you were to move to Charlotte, you would probably hear about South End first. This area is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas of Charlotte, with plenty of shops, restaurants, walking paths, light rail access, and a bar on just about every corner. Getting brunch here on a Saturday is nearly impossible, but that is what you should be looking for when considering your Charlotte billboard locations.

If you want to reach a good mix of the Charlotte population, especially the upper middle to upper class, South End is your place.


NoDa is the closest thing to an arts district that Charlotte has. Here you will find smaller music venues, a popular karaoke bar, a few tattoo parlors, and plenty of local eateries. The free spirits and nature lovers tend to come here on a Saturday instead of South End. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean there is no money in NoDa. In fact, it is hard to find any hot spots in Charlotte that do not tend toward the wealthy.


Uptown is where you will find many businesses and several professional sports arenas like The Bank of America Stadium (NFL – Panthers), The Spectrum Center (NBA – Hornets), and Truist Field (AAA Baseball – The Knights). Being surrounded by I-277, this is the perfect place for Charlotte billboards.

South Park

If your company likes to target shoppers, South Park is the ritzy part of town with Charlotte’s biggest mall. Whether you want to place a mall kiosk ad outside the Gucci store or a Charlotte billboard ad outside the mall, this is a great location.

Tourist Attractions

In addition to these popular parts of town, Charlotte is home to a major North and South Carolina tourist attraction. Carowinds is just below Charlotte, on the border of NC and SC. People come from all over to spend a day at the amazon theme park, so there is no doubt that this would be a great place to reach NC demographics.

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Last but not least. All the above locations have touched on almost every demographic except for travelers. Charlotte is home to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Being one of the few international airports in NC, people come from all over the state to fly out of here. So, be sure to set up a Charlotte billboard here.

The Bottom Line

North Carolina contains a good mix of demographics, especially when you place your billboards in cities like Charlotte. Charlotte has a lot to offer. In addition to the 2 million people that live in the area, North Carolinians visit Charlotte every day to go to the mall, fly out of the airport, or catch a professional game. So, take advantage of Charlotte billboards and place your ads in this city!

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