Wrist Watch Designs From The Diesel Wristwatch Collection


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Suppose you are familiar with the brand Diesel, it is a fashion label known for its popularity in clothing lines. Their fashion garment designer has top and fantastic fabrics like Burberry Bags, parts in unique shapes, and special characteristics and builds to go along with the latest theme. Their brand has also expanded into the watchmaking industry.

If you’re looking for the ideal Diesel watch to complement your style, boost your morale, and enhance your personality. In this article, we combined the top three Diesel watches for men from the different wrist watch collections, primarily about the best unique designs and superb performance.

Diesel Bamf Black Leather and Silver Stainless Steel Watch

Suppose you are looking for a timepiece that has a unique design and has an excellent quality.  One of the best examples of that timepiece from the Diesel Watch collection is the model DZ7345, which is one of the most extraordinary timepieces that you will ever get your hand into. The brand Diesel has one vital point: delivering a quality and unique design for their wristwatches.

The DZ7345 is a type of wristwatch that is composed of several functions for your everyday activities. You will have a robust timepiece with a black-colored dial that has three sub-dials. It is also paired with silver-toned skeleton hands that complements the overall design of this timepiece. Any outfit can also be paired with this timepiece, given that it has good color combinations.

The first thing that you will notice about this timepiece is the number of things going on its dial that answers every individual’s different needs with their wristwatch. It is said that this timepiece has a lot of functions and features, and water resistance is also included in it. You are allowed to wear this timepiece without worrying about being about 100 meters deep.

Diesel BAMF Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch

The second timepiece in our list is mostly the same as our introductory wristwatch. The model DZ7346 is different because it is made with a different color for its casing. You will also have numerous functions that help you keep track of your time and a date function seen between the 4 o’clock marker and 5 o’clock marker.

It is made with stainless steel materials making it tough and strong in facing the different activities that you may indulge into. Even though this timepiece is made with longevity, it is matched with a leather band providing the wearer of this timepiece a position of contentment and security.

You will also be having this timepiece with rose gold-tone skeleton hands which easily complements both the dial design and its casing. This square-shaped timepiece has a solid back with an enormous diameter size of 55.5 millimeters and a height of 13 millimeters that can only be worn by individuals with a considerable wrist size.

Diesel Uber Chief Black Dial Men’s Dual Time Watch

The last wristwatch that we are about to show you is the model DZ7372, another unusual wristwatch from the Diesel collections. If you are amazed at the unique designs of the previous wristwatches that we have shown you. This timepiece will definitely be on top of your list of the most unusual wrist watches released in the market.

What makes this timepiece unique is the bold design of its casing that has a unique part on top of its dial. This oversize wristwatch is a men’s watch made with stainless steel materials with a solid back and a round shape casing. Its size is 55 millimeters in diameter and has a 14 millimeters height.

You will also be benefiting from the four sub-dials that allow you to keep track of four different time zones. This is the timepiece for you if you want to have a unique timepiece that only a few individuals have, and it is most likely that you will be the only one wearing this from a crowd making you and your personality unique at the same time.


You can find many wrist watch brands in today’s generation that offer a regular timepiece when it comes to its design and functions. Suppose you want to try new things and discover new ways of style. The brand Diesel is the best brand that you should start exploring. We listed some of the most unusual designs and superb features that are available from their collection.

Suppose you are still not satisfied with the wristwatches that we have listed in this article. You can always visit their wristwatch collection and explore more timepieces that can suit your preference and personality.

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