What You Need to Know About Liposuction Recovery Time


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Are you a patient who has undergone liposuction? If so, chances are that you have heard of the recovery after the procedure.

However, if you are just starting to consider the body contouring treatment, you likely aren’t as informed. So you’ve probably wondered what it will be like and how long it will take for your body to recover from such a procedure.

This article will look at liposuction recovery, tips to help you go through your recovery smoothly, and the possible complications you can experience after a liposuction procedure.

Read on to learn more.

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction recovery is a period of adjustment following surgery. Your body will not return to its normal state immediately, especially if you’ve had liposuction in multiple body areas.

It can take weeks or even months for your body to recover from liposuction surgery fully, and you will need to be patient.

The good news is that several people experience relief from symptoms within the first few weeks after their procedure.

Recovery from liposuction involves several stages:

  • The first stage of recovery is the wound healing process, which can take several weeks or months, depending on the extent of the surgery. You will experience pain and discomfort as your body tries to heal during this time.
  • After the swelling has subsided, you can start to resume all normal activities. You will likely be off of all prescription medications by the time, and over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken as needed to relieve minor aches and pains.

Possible Complications After Liposuction

Lliposuction is a surgical procedure, there are some possible side effects that patients may experience. These side effects can vary from patient to patient and from one liposuction procedure to another.

The most common side effects during liposuction surgery times are swelling and soreness. You need to know that the effect can last from a few days to a few weeks and is caused by fluid collection.

Other potential side effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever and chills
  • Excessive thirst
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

Tips for Quick Recovery after Liposuction

After liposuction, it’s essential to take care of your body.

Here are some tips for quick recovery after liposuction:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. It’s essential to stay hydrated before and after the procedure. Consume plenty of water, juice, and other liquids to make it easier for your body to heal.
  • Eat nutritious meals. Your diet should consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Some examples include apples, oranges, tomatoes, green beans, and broccoli.
  • Avoid fatty foods as much as possible for at least seven days after surgery or until your doctor says otherwise. Fats can slow down healing time and make it harder for your body to absorb nutrients from food properly.
  • Take your medication as prescribed by the doctor. During the first days after the surgery, you will have some pain. The pain medication will help you through this challenging time.

How Long Does It Take to See My Liposuction Results?

With liposuction surgery, you will notice some changes immediately, since fat cells have been permanently removed from the body. However, you will not experience the final results for several weeks (or even months). This is because it takes time for the swelling to diminish and the new contours to settle.


How long does it take to heal after liposuction?

Liposuction recovery time varies from person to person depending on health status and the extent of the procedure. Most patients feel fully recovered from liposuction after six weeks.

What can you not do after liposuction?

After liposuction, it’s best to avoid lifting or straining. Avoid heavy lifting for at least two weeks after surgery. You may be able to return to work about six weeks after surgery, but it’s a good idea to check with your surgeon before starting any strenuous activity.

How long should one stay in the hospital after liposuction?

According to the American Society of Plastics Surgeons, you can go home the same day after liposuction. However, if you have any complications or other issues, you may need to stay longer in the hospital or another.

The length of time you will be in the hospital depends on several factors, including the number of liposuction treatment areas and the extent of your liposuction.

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