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Cosmetic Treatments Write For Us

About Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments Write For Us: Firstly, It regenerates the skin with a comprehensive evaluation protocol that includes previous and subsequent medical or cosmetic therapies to help maintain results.

Secondly, the damage to the skin occurs due to exposure to the sun, to external agents such as pollution, or internal agents such as inflammatory processes such as acne and skin aging. So, you need to go for Cosmetic treatments.

Besides, facial aging is a multifactorial process involving intrinsic factors such as age and hormonal or extrinsic methods such as smoking, sun exposure, etc. Further, all cosmetic treatments to regenerate the skin have specific indications according to the type of skin and its color.

Hence, cosmetic treatments to regenerate the skin represent a set of therapeutic modalities that combine flexibility and efficiency. And also, it results in a more or less rejuvenating effect on your skin and its appearance.

Recommended Cosmetic Treatments     

  1. Chemical peel – Firstly, a chemical peel is a procedure that involves applying a chemical exfoliant directly to the skin. Hence, it causes stimulation of epidermal growth by removing the surface of the cornea or the skin layer.
  2. Dermabrasion – Besides, another cosmetic technique for regenerating the skin is dermabrasion, which is a procedure that has evolved through multiple modifications.
  3. Mesotherapy – So, facial Mesotherapy is a very effective cosmetic treatment. In addition, it repeatedly stimulates the skin’s receptors, cellular and neurological, immunological, and even vascular. Hence, this promotes skin regeneration.
  4. Radiofrequency – And also, there is a technique in the range of cosmetic treatments that have shown substantial changes and modifications of collagen. Further, we are talking about radiofrequency. In addition, the volumetric heating of the dermis causes its metabolic effects.
  5. Facial rejuvenation – Further, there are many contraindications that you should consider when performing any of these cosmetic treatments.

Suggestions for Cosmetic Treatments

Firstly, to improve the results of the cosmetic treatments, consider the experience and safety of the specialist in charge of treating you.

Secondly, the specialist must perform a prior assessment to determine the condition or conditions of the skin to be treated and thus avoid any risks or complications.

Further, perform a deep facial cleansing before starting any of these treatments so that your skin can absorb the active ingredients that are applied.

And also, It is essential to avoid sun damage and not experience severe skin damage during and after cosmetic treatments. So, avoiding sun exposure between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. should be standard.

In addition, use a sun protection factor, in the form of a chemical screen or sunscreen on the skin. And also,  in the appropriate amount indicated by your specialist for your skin color or phototype.

Therefore, take pictures before starting the skin preparation and at the end of the cosmetic treatment. So, It is good practice to evaluate the treatment and its effect.

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