5 Cookies to Bring to Your Next Party


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Most of us have been in a situation where we’re invited to a get-together, and we’ve been asked to bring something. While some of us hope to get the “bottle of wine” question that doesn’t mandate cooking or preparing, others get excited over the prospect of preparing a simple and delicious dessert for our friends to enjoy. And what is the best sweet finger food for a party? Cookies! But alas, you are faced with another problem: what kind of cookies do you bring? Well, worry no longer; here are five cookies to bring to your next party!

1.  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Arguably the most famous cookie of all time, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. But, if you’re going to go the standard route, don’t just pick up a package of stale store-bought cookies! There are plenty of recipes for delicious chocolate chip cookies; whether you like them big and soft, thin, or crunchy, you can find a recipe that brings out the baker in you—whether you knew they were there or not! Chocolate chip cookies can even be a great option for those who are dieting. Consider using keto friendly chocolate chips, use alternative milk or butter, and even consider alternative flour. The classic chocolate chip cookie is not only a staple but can wow your friends or guests.

2. Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodles are another simple yet great cookie. Some mistake these for the further understated sugar cookie, but the snickerdoodle is much more. This cookie takes almost no time to make, has very few ingredients, and is topped with cinnamon or brown sugar. For anyone who has found a snickerdoodle recipe that they love, there is a reason this cookie is beloved. They tend to be soft with a crusted outer edge and are an excellent pairing with tea or an aromatic drink.

3. Sensitive Stomach Cookie

Alright, this one is not the actual name of a cookie, but odds are, a few people at your party have some stomach sensitivities. If you can cater to these people as well and can do so while still producing a delicious cookie, you will be the talk of the party. The most common sensitivities that cookies can trigger are dairy sensitivities, gluten allergies, and nut allergies. Thankfully, there are ways to easily combat all of these without sacrificing taste.

Alternative flours are a great way to avoid affecting those with gluten allergies. Almond flour, coconut flour, hemp flour, and a number of others will help you avoid triggering a gluten sensitivity. You may need to include a little bit of xantham gum to help with texture, but a number of alternative flours already include this. Make sure not to use something like an almond flour if you have attendees with a nut allergy.

Alternative milk is a great way to avoid hurting those with dairy sensitivities. Use almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk instead of cow’s milk. If the butter is a requirement, there are a number of butter alternatives that are dairy free at your local grocery store; some oils may also work.

Lastly, when it comes to additives, such as chocolate, a number of people with dairy sensitivities can actually have dark chocolate. While it’s always good to check, an option like keto-friendly dark chocolate chips may help your friends still get a chocolate cookie without worrying about what comes after.

One of the best ways to win over all of your guests is to find a delicious recipe that everyone can eat and enjoy together.

4. Sugar Cookie

We mentioned this cookie earlier, but the sugar cookie can be an art form. With options for a multitude of different frostings, as well as the ability to color and display these cookies, they can be a fun choice to bring some brightness and flare into your party. Just make sure that they aren’t too sweet. Find a good balance between their namesake and being just a little bit too much.

5. Macaroons

Macaroons are among the most difficult cookies to make but are an exciting addition to any dessert table. There are a number of different types of macaroons, and they are typically made utilizing ground nuts. French macaroons look like two small cookies with a filling in between and range in their color and flavor. Coconut macaroons are also fairly popular but look vastly different from the more colorful French macaroon.

The One You Love

The best cookie that you can bring to a party is a cookie that you love. The opportunity to share something you love to make with the people that you love is what a party is all about. So find a cookie recipe you just love to bake and share it with your friends.

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