5 Healthy Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs


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People really find the life of an entrepreneur fascinating as it is a popular notion that they can manage their personal, professional, and social life on their own terms. However, contrary to this belief, the life of an entrepreneur has its own battles to pick. Sure it is exciting to tackle new challenges and adjust your sails to the direction of the wind but at the same time, it takes a toll on your health if you are not able to draw a line.

1. Jot down your priorities

Surely, the greater is the effort, the more is the reward but this does not imply you do not maintain a distinction between your personal and professional life. Especially if you have just started out and are working remotely, it becomes essential to say no to work and yes to your health.

So, no matter how cool it looks in movies, working relentlessly before the laptop and grabbing a bite of junk to eat is not what entrepreneurship should be about. Prepare a diet plan keeping in mind the working hours. If you have to spend more screen time, it is advisable to have a diet which has more quantity of vitamins and minerals.


2. Break a sweat!

Remember what they said about jack? All work and no play make him a dull boy! You may flatter yourself thinking that the walk you take from your work table to the kitchen is enough exercise for a day but honestly, it is not.

Prepare a schedule for your day and always with some stretching. Even if you are busy, there are certain exercises that you can do simply by sitting in your chair. Begin with easy ones like stretching your back or rotating your wrist. This will keep your upper and lower body in motion.

Yoga is a great exercise for your mind and body which can be done with no equipment around. Breathing exercises, seating twists, leg exercises can actually increase the circulation of blood and relieve your shoulder blade from the stress of an office chair. So, take some time out of your daily schedule and start stretching out. If you need some help, yoga Melbourne is here to offer your assistance.

3. Stressbusters

It is very easy for an entrepreneur to stress out given the nature of work. Irrespective of whether you are starting out or are an established brand, it is impossible to avoid stressful situations. While the hormone cortisol affects your decision-making skills, it is also a trigger for heart-related diseases. It is for this reason that stress management should be an essential part of your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Set out a clear precedent for your staff and associates by taking a stance on your daily requirement. Biting more than you can chew is a mistake you are bound to make as a beginner but what sets you apart is how you learn to balance. Set up a room where you can relax and have some fun and games.

Remember, you need to stop fixating about multitasking. It seems funny when you see someone managing their accounts and clients at the same time but if it costs you your health and sanity, then you must avoid it completely. Don’t get hassled and don’t flood yourself with all paperwork. Managing a startup comes with its own battles to pick but it is totally justified if you take a day off.

4. Setting standards for perfection

Mental health is as important as physical health. Yes, we do understand how some people have an OCD with perfection but it is important to know when to let things go. A great business strategy can help you avoid falling into the trap of perfecting every little detail. What you must realise is that while quality a much need in business, you cannot micromanage each and every trivial detail.

5. Check that back

An underrated and often ignored healthy habit is your posture. While this is a general tip for every working professional, it is important for you as an entrepreneur to keep a check on your working hours. The more the workload, the worse your posture becomes.

Although health is a much-undervalued business asset but you must keep up with it. Take time off work to stroll around the premises. Inhale fresh air, stretch out your body and the bottom line is to stay happy and successful.

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