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5 Ways Negligence Can Lead To Birth Injuries

5 Ways Negligence Can Lead To Birth Injuries

One of the worst nightmares of any parent is having a baby that somehow gets injured during the birthing process. Indeed, even seemingly mild injuries can result in life long issues. Therefore, parents must always be aware of the potential for birth injuries and how they are caused. This not only allows expectant parents to request certain things during labor to help prevent injuries from occurring, but it also makes it possible for them to know when negligence is occurring and what the potential consequences are. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 ways negligence can lead to birth injuries.

Labor and Delivery Oxygen Deprivation

One relatively common way in which negligence can lead to birth injuries is oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery. The reason this is somewhat common is that there are often many other factors being considered when someone is giving birth, that they may not notice the oxygen deprivation until it’s too late. Either way, if the mother is not getting enough oxygen during the labor and delivery process, the baby can suffer brain damages that can lead to developmental delays and many other issues. Since even a mild lack of oxygen can cause these issues, expectant parents must be mindful of the mother’s oxygen levels and request assistance if there are any issues.

Failure to Give a C-section in a Timely Manner

Another somewhat common way that negligence can lead to birth defects is when medical professionals fail to perform a C-section in a timely manner. Although C-sections are far from ideal for many expectant mothers, they are sometimes necessary when the baby is in distress or dealing with unexpected complications. In these instances, it is important for the doctor, midwife, nurse, or other medical professionals to monitor the patient closely enough to be able to step in and offer a C-section as soon as one is necessary. Otherwise, this could cause brain injuries that lead to life-long disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Failure to Monitor a Mother or Child

In keeping with that notion, another way in which negligence can lead to birth injuries is when they fail to monitor the mother and child. Labor is complex and unpredictable. A mother and baby can be fine one second and in distress the next. For this reason, medical professionals must go above and beyond to ensure that they are always keeping an eye on the health status of the mother and the baby. They must always be prepared to intervene and step in at a moment’s notice. Otherwise, there could be something going seriously wrong and they may not realize it until it’s too late.

Medication Errors

Another way in which negligence can play a role in birth injuries is that of medication errors. Despite the fact that, on the whole, most medical facilities are pretty accurate in terms of the medications they are administering to the mother and baby, unfortunately, accidents happen. Hospitals can either give the mother or baby the wrong medications or they can give them too much of the right medication. Either way, this could cause birth injuries in the baby that could last a lifetime.

Untreated Injuries to the Child

Lastly, there are times in which children become injured during the birthing process. In other words, the child may have been totally fine prior to the labor and delivery, but experience some sort of distress or trauma that causes them to become injured. However, these injuries are not necessarily life-long unless medical professionals fail to recognize and treat the injuries in a timely manner. For instance, there are times in which the mother takes too long to push out the baby, and the baby must be given medications, such as antibiotics, which can help them quickly recover. However, when the hospital fails to recognize the issue, this can lead to serious or even life long damages.

Birth Injury Lawyers

If your child has suffered a serious birth injury, you should be going above and beyond to make sure that you hold negligent providers responsible. This means that you may have to consult with a birth injury lawyer who can help you prove your case and make sure that you get the compensation you are looking for.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. However, there are things you can do to ensure that they do not get away with the negligence that may have adversely affected you and your child. By contacting attorneys such as Wapner Newman, you will have the help of caring, passionate legal professionals who will stop at nothing to ensure that you get what you deserve. While this may not be able to undo the damages, you will be able to get what you need to move on and live a productive life with your child. Talk to legal professionals who understand that a strong relationship with every single client is essential. Contact them today to ensure you get your results.

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