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7 Factors That Affect Weight Loss

7 Factors That Affect Weight Loss

Weight loss is a significant challenge for many people. People often complain they can never lose weight even if they exercise regularly and follow a strict diet. But there’s more to losing weight at play than just eating right and exercising. Here are a few factors that influence weight loss significantly and hinder your weight loss goal.

1. Genetics

If you have a family history of obese grandparents or parents, consult a doctor and check whether your genes are responsible for slow metabolism. If genes are the reason for your hormonal issues like diabetes or excess weight gain, take appropriate treatments to counter them.

For example, Wegovy injections with semaglutide are prescribed for obese adults to aid in losing weight naturally by boosting metabolism and regulating insulin secretion. Concierge MD LA provides Wegovy for weight loss in the form of self-injections. Drip Hydration, Wegovy, and RXlist are some other companies providing these weight loss injections in cities around the US.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is a major factor influencing obesity, and sadly most people are unaware of its implications. Proper rest for at least seven to eight hours a day is necessary to regulate a hormone called Ghrelin which is required to signal your brain it is time to eat. This appetite-controlling hormone is also crucial for proper insulin secretion and strengthening the blood vessels of our heart. Lack of sleep increases Ghrelin secretion, leading to irregular insulin secretion, loss of appetite, and being overweight due to slow metabolism.

3. Not drinking enough water

Dehydration is another big reason for weight gain as lack of water prevents the body from flushing out harmful toxins and keeping organs functioning at their best.

Plain water is essential no matter how many beverages or juices you drink throughout the day. Plain water is better than sugar-filled juices, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks as it hydrates without added sugars and sweeteners. Always drink enough water, which is a simple and unsung weight loss secret.

Drinking enough water is a fundamental and often overlooked factor in achieving effective CGM for weight loss goals.

4. Repeating the same exercises

Our body gets used to a specific routine, and we start doing those things subconsciously without straining too much. Many people hit a weight loss plateau and struggle to move forward for this reason. The brain accepts their exercise routine as a regular habit and indulges in the activity involuntarily without straining the muscles much. Surprise yourself at least twice weekly with new workouts, different diets, and new physical activities. Take the steps one day instead of the elevator, indulge in gardening the next day, and do a high-intensity workout the third day to train your muscles actively.

5. Eating too little or too much

Weight Loss

Overeating will gradually cause weight gain, and so does eating very little because the body slows down the metabolism. It senses the lack of nourishment and stores extra fat for the famine period, making losing weight an arduous task.

Consult a dietician, count your calories, and get the best diet suitable for your weight loss goal. Incorporate fruits, green leafy vegetables, and grains or nuts in addition to healthy proteins. Maintain versatility in your diet to make it easier to stick to your weight loss goals.

6. Stress and depression

Chronic stress causes enormous weight gain in some people and prevents them from losing weight effectively. The gastrointestinal system is affected enormously by stress hormones. Various issues, from constant tongue and inner mouth wounds to constipation, occur due to stress.

Stress affects our brains and the delicate inner layers of the GI systems responsible for the proper digestion of food. Indulge in yoga or other mind-relaxing practices and regular workouts to bring down your weight.

7. Sedentary lifestyle

Having a sedentary lifestyle can make it difficult to lose weight even while you’re eating healthy food options. Take a break every 30 minutes to walk around or do small stretches or walking exercises. Incorporate taking the stairs, washing your car yourself, and walking around during breaks into your daily routine.

Join a sports club and go cycling or play a game of tennis or badminton to increase stamina. If you’re trying to avoid the gym due to Covid, consider using apps and active video games to keep your muscles moving throughout the day.

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