7 Ways a Weight Loss Coach Can Help You Lose Weight


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For decades, weight loss has been a booming industry, raking a whopping £2bn a year through products like pills, supplements, programme memberships, and even app subscriptions. These products are designed to make weight loss look like it’s almost within reach. Fitness-related applications that show different workouts entice the eager consumer, making them feel like 30 days is all they need to get 6-pack abs, but such products fail to account for a person’s individuality.

That’s where a weight loss coach steps in. Unlike one instructor hauling a class of 30 people, your instructor only caters to you during specific sessions. In fact, weight loss coaching offers numerous benefits that can help you lose weight.

1. Ensure that You Get Enough Exercise

Let’s start with the hard truth. One of the major reasons people aren’t seeing results from trying out different weight loss products is that they’re relying too much on a diet and less on exercise. Exercise isn’t just important to burn excess fat in your body, but to give your metabolism a boost and ensure that the fat stays off. However, it’s no secret that exercise seems like a difficult task for many of us, especially with our demanding schedules that take up a lot of time on their own. We end each day saying, ‘I’ll work out tomorrow for sure,’ but never get around to it. Hence, a weight loss coach will make sure you’re getting enough exercise.

2. Design an Exercise Plan That Works For You

This brings us to the next point: yes, your weight loss coach will ensure you get plenty of exercises, but not without considering your individual needs. We’re all built different, so why should our workout routines be the same. Maybe your knee can’t take a lot of strain due to a serious injury, or you suffer from hormone imbalance due to conditions like hypothyroidism – such factors can prevent you from trying a mainstream workout routine. Lucky for you, a certified weight loss coach is trained to design an exercise routine that meets your needs.

3. Design a Personalised Meal Plan for Your Needs

So they’ve got you to start exercising, but what about food? Certified weight loss coaches thoroughly understand food groups and nutritional requirements. To prepare a diet plan, they combine this knowledge with the information you provide, such as allergy information, religious diet restrictions, and food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, etc.).

Additionally, they also look at your daily routine. Do you sit at a desk for a big part of the day, or do you walk around? Do you drive, walk, or take the bus to work? This helps them understand how much energy you need, allowing them to prepare a meal plan accordingly.

4. Hold You Accountable For Your Food Choices

Now that you have a meal plan, what’s next? Your weight loss coach will ensure that you stick to the diet plan and don’t deviate. This will involve recording your daily consumption through regular food entries. So when you step on the scales and the numbers don’t show what they predicted, it’s up to you to set things right.

5. Evaluate Your Lifestyle Objectively

Sometimes, you don’t realise when something has more calories and underestimate the damage it does. And even when we’re in doubt, we avoid seeking the truth. So we enjoy the comfort that comes with not knowing the calories in a cup of ice cream. This creates the need for an objective look at our lifestyle – someone who will tell us the truth when we’re least willing to hear it.

6. Motivate You!

Your weight loss coach will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need encouragement and motivation. When it seems like you’ve done your best and still can’t see the desired results, you feel like giving up. That’s when approval or encouragement from an expert can keep you from throwing in the towel. By offering you support and motivation, your weight loss coach convinces you to keep going.

7. Give Important Advice That Improves Your Quality of Life

Weight loss coaches are well-versed in how things like nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle affect your body. By observing you and your routine, they can point out little things that may not necessarily be related to weight loss but do wonders for your quality of life. For instance, they may notice issues in your posture, sleeping habits, and home environment that could place undue stress on your body. Addressing these problems can improve your well-being on a mental and physical level, which motivates you along your weight loss journey.


With a weight loss coach, you get more than just an exercise routine and diet plan. You get expert advice from a professional who makes an effort to understand you and your body. It’s why you’re more likely to see results with their help.

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