Home Health Home Improvements to Boost Your Health and Wellness

Home Improvements to Boost Your Health and Wellness

Home Improvements to Boost Your Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness: There is a growing trend of people looking to improve their health holistically. As Western medicine seems to focus mainly on symptoms rather than causes, many people are looking to increase their wellness and slow down the ageing process.

What are some of the enhancements you can make to your home to help you achieve better health and longevity?

Home Gym

If there is one thing you could do to improve your health, strength training should be at the top of your list.  Regular strength training can improve your strength and flexibility and reduce your risk of injury and falls.

From improving heart health to managing your blood sugar levels, the benefits of strength training have been clinically proven.

Many homeowners are opting to install a gym or weight training equipment in their homes to make it more enjoyable and efficient.

Home Sauna

Saunas are another proven way to improve your health and longevity.  In addition to other benefits infrared saunas have intense high temperatures that increase your core body temperature.

There are different types of saunas, from traditional, steam and infrared.  In NSW, infrared saunas in Sydney are a great resource for finding out more about home saunas.

Cold Plunge

There has been a recent wave of interest in cold plunge or cryotherapy.  While they are not the same, and some might argue that one is better than the other, the benefits of cold plunge therapy are undeniable.

Reduced inflammation, better sleep, reduced stress, improved injury recovery, reduced swelling and enhanced immune function are just a few of the clinically proven benefits of a cold plunge.

With any health regimen consistency is a key component.  Having a routine is important.

Hot Tubs and Spas

These are another great home addition to achieve muscle relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep and better cardiovascular health.

Some studies have shown a particular benefit for arthritis sufferers.  It is thought that heat therapy may help reduce the pain and stiffness associated with the disease.  Applying heat to arthritic joints causes the blood vessels in and around the joints to dilate, increasing the delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the area.

Swim Spa

Combining the benefits of a hot tub and swimming pool, swim spas are ideal for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of swimming.

Swimming is a low-impact activity which provides the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.  Water acts to support your body weight so there is no stress on your joints.  Swimming also works all of the major muscle groups in the body regardless of what stroke you use.

Swim spas are convenient as they can be placed in the ground, if you have the available space, or can be installed above ground if you have more limited space.

You should consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any new exercise program.

These are just some ideas and suggestions for how you can improve your space to make it easier and more convenient for you to engage in health-promoting activities.

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