Can Breast Reduction Lower My Breast Size By Two Sizes?


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Every woman is unhappy with a certain part of her body and has longed to change it when she looks in the mirror. Many women, particularly those who have recently given birth, are concerned about the size of their breasts. No longer do women have to accept huge, sagging breasts. Thanks to breast reduction procedures, women’s breast size can now be reduced to a few sizes. Continue reading below to learn more about breast reduction surgery.

What Exactly Is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that gets rid of loose skin, extra fat as well as tissue from the breasts. Even though it is very popular with women, men also choose to have this procedure done.

The majority of women choose to have their breasts reduced to alleviate back pain, slim down, and attain a more balanced body shape.  Breast reduction is a popular treatment for gynecomastia in men as well.

Can I Go Down Two or More Sizes?

The number of sizes you can end up losing depends on a number of factors. These include, among other things, the volume you need to drop, your breasts structure, and the type of technique performed.

Typically, you should anticipate going down one or two bra sizes. During your initial appointment, your cosmetic goals, as well as your breast makeup, will be assessed, to give you an idea of what to reasonably anticipate.

Is Breast Reduction a Good Option for Me?

Teens and adults who do not have chronic conditions, are not overweight, and don’t smoke, are the ideal male candidates for breast reduction. Females who are good candidates for the surgical procedure have the following characteristics:

-Breast-related low self-esteem
-Activity restriction
-Medication is required for pain in the shoulder, back, and neck
-Skin rash underneath the breasts that lasts for a long time
-Pain in the nerves
-Having difficulty wearing certain clothing or bras

Suppose you are happy with your breast size but are having issues with them sagging, a breast lift will be the best procedure for you.

Who Isn’t a Great Fit for This Surgery?

You shouldn’t undergo breast reduction if you plan on having more children or are planning to lose a significant amount of weight.


It is highly advised that you postpone your breast reduction procedure until you have finished having kids. Moreover, since the nipple is not detached from the deeper tissues, studies have shown that this procedure, however, does not impact breastfeeding.

Pregnancy, on the other hand, causes hormonal changes that may cause your breasts to grow in size. As a result, if you have breast reduction before you are finished having children, you may require an additional procedure to attain your ideal curves and proportions once more.

Weight Reduction

There are no risks related to weight loss after a breast reduction. However, it is critical to understand that huge breasts may be primarily caused by an accumulation of fatty tissue rather than large amounts of glandular tissue.

Dropping body fat via healthy eating and exercise may lead to smaller size breasts. As a result, you may require a reduction that is not as extensive. This will, among other things, quicken your healing time.

What Should I Do To Prepare for the Procedure?

Your medical history will be reviewed and your present health status will be evaluated during your initial consultation. This is done to verify you are healthy enough to undergo breast reduction. Your cosmetic surgeon will also go over your post-procedure expectations to ensure they’re reasonable.

It will be grateful helpful if you have photos of your desired breast size. This will help your breast reduction surgeon determine if the procedure is suitable for you. It will also help them know if your breasts are proportionate to the remaining portion of your body, including your hips and waist.

Your breasts will be examined and measured once the decision has been made that the procedure is right for you. Your breasts will also be photographed for medical records. The appropriate anesthesia for your specific situation will also be discussed.

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