Dental Treatment In Turkey – Cost , Different Treatments


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Dental Treatment In Turkey: Most people fear going to the dentist because of the potential agony they think they might feel as well as the anguish they know they will feel in their pockets. Even for procedures that need to be done right once, there may be lengthy wait times to see a dentist, which exacerbates the situation.

Many people in Western countries have felt the need for operations that are quick, simple, and reasonably priced.  Fortunately, Turkey has become one of the most popular dental and medical travel destinations in the world.

Dental care is reasonably priced in Turkey; in fact, Istanbul is fast becoming known as the European Dental Tourism Capital.

The cost of operations including crowns, implants, and tooth whitening can be significantly less than half of what they would be in the UK and the USA. All of these procedures add up to a price that is generally unbeatable for most Western nations.

Why Should You Go To Turkey To Get Your Dental Treatment?

Our dental clinic is the best in Antalya, Turkey, and it ranks in the top 1000 out of over 130.000 clinics according to the Global Clinic Rating. Our effective and well-run dental facility offers the greatest dental care available in Turkey at reasonable costs. We do not require a down payment or other fees. With identical quality, dental care costs 70% less in Turkey than in Europe and England. As a cohesive, skilled team, we exclusively utilise premium A-Grade dental implant brands that are made in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland and come with a lifetime guarantee. All of your dental procedures are also guaranteed.

What Makes The Cosmedica Dental Clinic An Optimal Choice?

No Unexpected Fees

The primary goal of Dental Clinic Turkey is to provide all patients with comprehensive dental travel. Dental goods, lab fees, dentist fees, oral examinations, panoramic x-rays, and 3D tomography are all included in our dental treatment packages.


Your lodging at the hotel we have contracted with 6 nights, 7 days, with breakfast included. Our motel is close to the coast. You don’t have to look for hotels that are closer to us. For a week, we are giving our patients free lodging in a single room. After the Corona COVID Pandemic is over, the hotel may change. This discount is only valid for visits costing more than $2750 GBP, $3000 EUR, or $3250 DOLAR.

Which Treatments Does The Cosmedica Dental Clinic Offer?

Dental Crowns

Teeth discoloration, minor misalignments, and spaces between teeth can all be filled with dental veneers in Turkey. They produce a smile that is even, beautiful, and radiant.

Dental Implants

A long-term tooth replacement option in Turkey is receiving dental implants. The most advanced way to replace lost teeth and regain the ability to chew food is through dental implants.

Infographic On Invisalign Teeth In Turkey

With Invisalign

Metal braces are not always necessary for tooth misalignment. The discrete substitute is known as Invisalign. The transparent brace is perfect for daily usage because it corrects misalignments.

Dental Bridges

In order to regain the ability to eat and communicate, dental bridges are utilised to replace one or more lost teeth. They take less work and are more cost-effective than dental implants.

Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

Patients who desire to adjust the colour of their teeth for a more pleasing appearance will benefit greatly from zirconia crowns and bridges. On the other hand, this substance is also perfect for orthodontic corrections.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a very vital procedure for rescuing infected, unhealthy, damaged and sensitive teeth

Whitening Of Teeth

Teeth colour changes as we age and as a result of personal habits (coffee, nicotine, tea, etc.). These pigments are removed by teeth whitening, giving you the white teeth you’ve always wanted.

How Much Do The Treatments Cost?

  Procedure    Average Cost in USA   Average Cost in Turkey
  Teeth Whitening   $500   $280
  Extractions   $100 – $200 per tooth   $50 – $100 per tooth
  Veneers   $800 – 2,000 per tooth   $100 – 200 per tooth
  Teeth Cleanings   $100 – $200   $50 – $70
  Crowns   $1,200 – $1,500 per crown   $300 – $400 per crown
  Root Canal   $800 – $1000 per tooth   $150 per tooth
  Fillings   $100 – $250   $60 – $100
  Bonding   $300 – $600 per tooth   $80 – $120
  Braces   $5,000 – $6,000   $700 – $2,000


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