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Dos and Don’ts Before Breast Augmentation

Dos and Don’ts Before Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the popular plastic surgeries as more and more women want desired breast look and shape. In 2019, plastic surgeons in the United States performed approximately 287,085 breast augmentation procedures. Women who want to achieve natural-looking breasts may consider this cosmetic process, but there’s a need to prepare before the big day. What are the dos and don’ts before breast augmentation? Read this guide for more insights.

Dos Before Breast Augmentation

Choose Plastic Surgeon Carefully

One of the most significant things to do before the procedure is finding the right professional. Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery, but there’s a need to go for an expert who can offer personalized services.

A qualified and experienced professional will evaluate an individual’s situation and offer the best service according to needs and expectations. Here are critical considerations when choosing a plastic surgeon:

  • Board certification
  • Great personality
  • Experience

For a customized procedure and exceptional experience, Breast augmentation can be good.

Consult with a Professional

After finding a reliable cosmetic surgery professional, a patient should schedule a quick consultation. This is an opportunity to know whether someone qualifies for the procedure.

During the consultation, the surgeon will be seeking to understand a few things. They’ll ask questions to uncover the individual’s medical history, expectations after the procedure, and whether they qualify.

Ask about Breast Lift Possibility

Implants are great for improving breast shape and adding fullness, but they might not correct sagging breasts. Women who have this issue should ask their professionals whether they’re fit for a breast lift. An expert can combine the two procedures to ensure the best results. Breast lift surgery can help you:

Eat Healthy Foods

Experts advise eating a healthy diet when getting ready for surgery or recovering. Patients should consider a nutritious diet and avoid junk foods. Empty calories, salty or sugary snacks will not do great to prepare for breast augmentation.

Understand the Available Options

Silicone and saline breast implants come in a wide variety, and a patient needs to select an appropriate choice. During the initial consultation, patients should evaluate the available options.

A professional will guide you through different shapes, sizes, and placements to ensure satisfying results. Implants placement depends on an individual’s preferences, goals, and implant type.

Prepare and Plan

Find time off work and arrange for the necessary support. These may include driving, shopping, childcare, and housework. A patient should ensure someone responsible can drive them to and from the facility.

Gather Essential Recovery Tools

Recovery takes some time, and it’s vital to prepare appropriately for a smooth transition. Patients will need to collect essential items to use throughout the recovery. These may include lip balm, bottled water, and tissues. Baby wipes will help to freshen up.

Ask the surgeon whether any prescription supplements, medication, or products are necessary. For example, a digital thermometer will come in handy as patients need to monitor their temperatures after the surgery.

Fever might signify an infection, and it’s critical to communicate with the professional immediately. Before the surgery, patients should gather everything since they’ll need to rest during recovery.

Get Your Wardrobe Ready

Remember, you’ll say goodbye to your outfits for a few weeks after the surgery. Before breast augmentation, stock your wardrobe with comfortable clothes, including loose-fitting t-shirts and tops.

For the best experience, invest in button-down shirts. These are easier to remove without restraining your arms. Clothes with breathable fabrics will also come in handy, especially when you’re outdoors during sunny weather.

Don’ts Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Get the Surgery for the Wrong Reasons

Patients should get their priorities right when considering breast augmentation to avoid doing it for the wrong reasons. Discuss everything with your plastic surgeon and inform them why you want it. They’ll advise you accordingly to ensure everything goes well.

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery should be to enhance confidence. Patients should focus on how they’ll feel and look after the surgery and not impressing others.

Eat or Drink a Few Hours Before the Surgery

All surgeries require an empty stomach, meaning an individual should not take any food or beverage a few hours before the procedure. As part of your preparation, eat your dinner early and don’t consume anything throughout the night.


Smoking can impact a patient’s recovery phase. A person should be nicotine-free for a considerable period (Like four weeks) before the surgery. They should also avoid nicotine products a few weeks before breast augmentation.

These include marijuana, vapes, e-cigarettes, and other nicotine-based products. Smoking can heavily influence how you recover. A qualified plastic surgeon may also advise not to:

  • Use herbal medicine several days before the surgery
  • Use other recreational drugs shortly before or on the day of the surgery

Engage a Qualified Breast Augmentation Surgeon Today

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