Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannabis Tinctures


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Out of the plethora of infused edible products available in any Bloomington marijuana dispensary today, one stands out: tinctures. Tinctures, with their simple use, portability, and effectiveness, make great choices for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of medical cannabis.

Down below, we’ve compiled the crucial information you need to know about cannabis tinctures. Keep reading!

Cannabis Tinctures: Helpful Info From a Bloomington Marijuana Dispensary

Below, we’ll outline the basics of cannabis tinctures. First, we’ll cover their history. Then, we’ll go over their effects and popular applications.

What are Tinctures?

First, a little background on tinctures themselves. Although nearly all tincture comes in a bottle with a dropper top, the term “tincture” actually refers to the liquid inside the bottle.

The ancient Egyptians made the first tincture by soaking herbs in alcohol. They used these concoctions to treat a variety of symptoms, whipping up different tinctures for different ailments. Today, the vast majority of tinctures you’ll find contain some sort of cannabis-based ingredient like cannabinoid oil in UK.


What Effects to Tinctures Have?

“Tincture” isn’t just a one-size-fits-all term. Countless types of tinctures exist, each with their own chemical breakdown.

As such, its effects will depend on its main ingredients. For it derived from cannabis, two active ingredients take center stage: THC and CBD. Both of these organic compounds, members of the cannabinoid chemical family, have unique properties. They include:

  • THC: the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. Research shows THC may have several beneficial properties, including reducing anxiety and improving sleep.
  • CBD: the second most abundant active ingredient in cannabis, and the most common in hemp plants. CBD has a research-backed reputation for being able to reduce pain and inflammation, ease stress, and more.

As a result, the type of tincture you choose will have a huge impact on the effects that you feel from it. Please keep in mind that two types of tincture aren’t mutually exclusive. For example, it containing both THC and CBD are common. You’ll find this information on the bottle, which will list THC and CBD content as ratios like 1:1 or 2:1.

How do Tinctures Work?

As an orally-consumed infused product, it don’t work the same way that inhaled cannabis does. While inhaling cannabis makes it pass directly to your bloodstream, tincture must pass through your entire digestive tract.


That one seemingly-insignificant change actually has a big impact. First, inhaled cannabis triggers nearly instant effects. You may even begin feeling its effects in under a minute. However, taking cannabis orally results in a much longer onset time. Since it needs to reach your liver before passing on into your bloodstream, tinctures may take up to an hour to affect you.

Make sure to wait at least one hour between doses! Otherwise, you may accidentally take a higher dose than you’d originally intended.

You can also use it sublingually. This will allows it to be absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly. This method of placing the tincture under your tongue allows onset within about 15 minutes.

Explore Tinctures Yourself at This Bloomington Marijuana Dispensary

Interested in exploring cannabis tinctures on your own? You’re in luck. Check out the extensive selection available at this Bloomington marijuana dispensary!

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