How Can Exercise Strengthen Our Immune System?


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Carrying out a varied exercise will not only improve our quality of life by providing us with more vitality for such daily acts as playing with our children or helping with household chores.

But it will also be an essential source of health by strengthening our immune system.

The first studies to discuss the relationship between fitness and the resistant system. And dating back to the early 1900s and based on exercise-induced changes in the necessary activities of immune cells.

In the first part of this century, the additional focus areas added to the field of exercise immunology.

Including the interactive effect of nutrition, the impact on the aging of the immune system, and inflammatory cytokines.

Until the present time, when technological advances allowed applying more advanced approaches to exercise immunology studies.

As summarized in a recent article published in the prestigious scientific journal, Journal of Sport and Health Science.

If immunosenescence defined as the immune dysregulation that arises with aging.

The most current data supports that the exercise practiced routinely is capable of improving the regulation of the immune system and delay the onset of immunosenescence.

Below, we review five keys that will help us understand what fitness can do for you and strengthen your immune system.

Why Is It Essential To Strengthen Our Immune System Through Exercise?

Moderate exercise improves the functioning of the immune system reducing the risk of flu or other respiratory diseases.

Since it can help eliminate viruses and bacteria from the respiratory tract through the ventilatory activity that occurs during exercise.

By exercising regularly, the antibodies and white blood cells (leukocytes, which are the soldiers that fight disease circulate more quickly), detecting and neutralizing external attacks, explains Luis Ganso Herranz, fitness supervisor at SHA Wellness Clinic.

With exercise, body temperature rises and helps prevent infection from developing.

It is something similar to when we have a fever: a system response appears when there are infections.

Moderate exercise also influences stress. It does this by reducing the emission of cortisol and other hormones that negatively impact the immune system.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of Having A Healthy Physical State?

What Are The Additional Benefits Of Having A Healthy Physical State_ (3)

Exercising should include strength, resistance, mobility, flexibility training, etc. Very soon, we will see how our quality of life improves remarkably.

From being able to carry out any daily effort without any problem, to doing outdoor activities with friends without having to stare.

Good physical condition is a preventive of diseases. It will cost much more to fall ill, and we will not need aggressive medications.

I point out this aspect because their abuse is a reality, says Luis Ganso Herranz.

For example, it is undeniable that the current lifestyle forces us to stay seated for a long time, causing bad postures that lead to back pain.

Exercise in general and position in particular (pilates, yoga, etc.) will help us correct this bad posture.

If we accompany all this with quality rest, healthy eating, and moderate stress levels, this is undoubtedly the best antiaging, highlights the expert from SHA Wellness Clinic.

Is There An Age-Related Exercise Pattern?

It is a controversial issue, although the consensus is that there is no specific exercise pattern for each stage of life.

Everything will depend on your development, genetics, and ability. For this reason, the configuration of a personalized and monitored exercise program increasingly imposed.

As Luis Ganso Herranz observes, in general, we could say that a young person can perform high-intensity exercises of short duration.

Where power and strength predominate, although without forgetting cardiovascular exercises, flexibility, and mobility.

Meanwhile, an adult person could develop more extended resistance training with medium intensities.

Importance must be placed on strength and power movements to control the curve of loss of muscle mass due to age including elasticity and mobility, says the expert from SHA Wellness Clinic.

During old age, we must be more strict and moderate and prioritize strength exercises because sarcopenia is at its peak.

Also, routines that work flexibility and mobility. ” And about cardiovascular exercise, it must be moderate because we do not have enough capacity to assimilate high loads, ” adds Luis Ganso Herranz.

Can you Exercise Without Leaving Home?

The SHA Wellness Clinic expert is conclusive: “Not only can you, but you must. And every day.

Even if you exercise regularly and at the right intensity, the goal is to boost the immune system. We would not steep it by achievement more than desirable.

Many viruses become strong in weak immune systems. Although you are generally in good shape and healthy.

If we exceed and lower the immune response, we will run a high risk of developing a virus, says Luis Ganso Herranz.

The most natural practice in the world is to walk down an aisle on round trips. That is already exercising. And very healthy.

Thus, a recent work published in the prestigious The Journal of the American Medical Association. And determined the number of steps a person performs each day,

its intensity could lead to a longer useful life.

The researchers found people who take 8,000 steps each day are 51% less likely to die than people who only take 4,000 steps. And those who complete 12,000 steps are 65% less likely to die.

In this context, it noted that, on average, we usually do about 3,000 steps a day.

Why Should It always be Moderate and Supervised When Possible?

It is vital to know how to adapt our body and organism to the practice of physical exercise. So that it is our physique that tells us how far we can go with the help of a supervisor.

Exercise should be moderate. The body should not be taken to the extreme since we are damaging our defense, says Luis Ganso Herranz.

For example, a study from the University of Granada has found an increase in the incidence of musculoskeletal pathologies.

Such as neck pain, low back pain, arthrosis, as a consequence of excessive sports practice, or not using an adequate technique.

It is essential to have a good coach. In the same way that when we need to consult an expert in-law, we go to a lawyer.

We must go to an expert in physical activity when we want to improve our physical state.

In this approach, we will achieve our objectives without injuring ourselves.

And without weakening the immune system, due to the correct prescription of loads and progression, it highlights Luis Ganso Herranz.

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