Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin D


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The state of alarm lengthens, and one of the main concerns is lack of vitamin D and consequences of the period of confinement in our homes is the lack of sun.

The star king is in charge of providing us with the vitamin D that our body needs, but there are also a series of foods rich in vitamin D with which we will obtain the necessary nutrients to keep our body strong and healthy.

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Foods Are As Follows:

Spring has arrived, but for now, we will not be able to enjoy it properly. Walks in the sun or physical exercise will have to wait for an unknown period.

What we can do is take advantage of certain foods rich in vitamin D so that our immune system remains protected.

Fish Fatty

Fish Fatty

The salmon or eel provides virtually the same amount of vitamin D taken regularly. Furthermore, we can benefit from its high anti-inflammatory power and the necessary proteins for our body. Heart health or increased brain performance are other benefits of salmon.

The oily fish should not be missing in our diet. Tuna, anchovies, mackerel, or sardines are other alternatives that provide the same, and that you can easily prepare.

Dairy Also Contain Vitamin D


Milk, yogurt, or cheese are a rich source of this vitamin in its entire version, although there are also many skim foods enriched with it.

Also, the calories between one version or another are not too far away, and vitamin D will be better absorbed.

Seafood Contain Vitamin D

Seafood like oysters is an excellent source of vitamin. Although there are also options for all budgets and more affordable, such as prawns, clams, or shrimp.

Eggs Contain Vitamin D

The eggs, while highlighting its high protein content and multiple nutrients, have a high content of it, namely the yolk.

This contributes to avoiding the appearance of deficiencies and the negative consequences for their health.

Chicken Or Beef Liver Is Also The Best Source Of Vitamin

The liver has a high content of proteins and vitamins, among which is D. However, it is recommended not to abuse its consumption since it also has a high content of added cholesterol.

Oil Cod Liver Is Essential For Immune System

The supplement liver oil cod contains minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins A, E, and D. Its high concentration in the latter is essential for immune health, as well as helping to maintain bones and ensure proper mobility of bones and joints.

Other Foods Which Are Also The Sources of Vitamin

There are many other foods rich in vitamin D whose effect is similar or equal to those of the products described. This is the case of beef, mushrooms, avocado, wheat germ, or mackerel liver.

In addition to incorporating other healthy habits, avoiding the consumption of ultra-processed foods and increasing the use of foods rich in vitamin will help us fight, much better, the lack of sunshine in our immune system.

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