How CCM Programs Work For Diabetic Patients?


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CCM Programs: Chronic care management programs are quite a new concept. Patients across the US suffering from chronic conditions could benefit from services that help and prevent their conditions from worsening while also gaining easier access to healthcare and support.

There are several factors in becoming eligible for a CCM program, and one chronic condition that makes you eligible is diabetes. In 2018, the American Diabetes Association found that over 34.2 million US adults had diabetes – meaning a massive 10.5% of the population may be unaware of their eligibility.

If you’re a diabetic patient and have been approached about enrolling in a CCM program – or want to know what support is available for you – we’re here to share how it can benefit you.

Controlling blood sugar levels

Of course, the most important part of managing diabetes is controlling blood sugar levels. Clinicians on the chronic care team work with you to create goals to help you achieve the optimum A1C level. Goals will include having a healthy diet, maintaining or losing weight, correctly using prescriptions, and regularly monitoring blood sugars.

Patients on a CCM program will be able to access support and regular A1C checks with their service provider. They’ll have access to monthly check-ins and 24/7 hotline support.

Retinopathy management

Diabetes is commonly linked to the degeneration of blood vessels within the eyes. By being enrolled on a chronic care management program, patients can benefit from regular ophthalmologist visits and support preventing the issue from getting worse. Enrolling early on after diagnosis could even help clinicians to prevent the condition altogether.

Care plans for diabetic patients will include regular appointments to check on any changes in vision, support to quit smoking, and medications to control blood sugar (if needed).

Support with diabetes-related skin problems

Another issue that can be more common for diabetic patients is additional skin conditions. Diabetes can lead to a reduced ability for the skin to heal itself – meaning wounds and other conditions can last much longer than usual. By taking advantage of CCM Medicare, you will be able to receive support and advice for maintaining healthy skin and have any ailments dealt with correctly and quickly.

In terms of self-management, those with diabetes should install a humidifier for the drier months and apply moisturizers and sun cream. If you notice abnormalities, it’s worth calling your GP for a check-up. Alternatively, you can use the 24/7 nurse hotline included in the program to get advice any time of day.

Prediabetic patients can also benefit from the program, and clinicians will work closely with them to ensure the condition doesn’t get worse.

If you’ve been approached about enrolling in a chronic care management program for your diabetes, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. One of the biggest benefits is the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 support and monthly check-ins. However, there is a lot to consider, so be sure to check on costs and eligibility before speaking to your GP about joining.

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