How To Encourage Health And Wellness In The Essential Workplace


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Health and Wellness: If you own or manage an essential business, such as a grocery store or pharmacy, your main priority right now is keeping employees healthy and safe. Listening to government updates on the pandemic and taking every measure to implement their guidelines on the matter is your responsibility, so it’s crucial to pay attention to your district’s government briefings.

While many people stay at home as much as possible right now, essential workers continue to show up to work with smiles on their faces. They depend on official health and safety protocols to protect them until we can all breathe a sigh of relief when vaccines arrive. As a business owner or manager, you have the power to implement such protocols to ensure employees are happy and healthy. And, you want your staff to be safe just as much as the public. Not only would it be devastating if anyone got sick while in your retail space, but you’d also develop a bad reputation as a service provider.

Read on to discover helpful tips to enforce alongside your government’s official regulations to encourage health and wellness at the workplace.

Establish Daily Cleaning Protocols

Depending on your type of business, you will already have cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place. Every retail space has different cleaning procedures, from an opening routine to inspecting new inventory deliveries. However, since the pandemic hit, you’ve probably amplified such sanitizing measures to prevent any virus spread. If you haven’t already, implement thorough cleaning and sanitizing training for all employees. There should be clearly-stated policies and visuals posted throughout the space for people to access and reference.

Consider making it a rule to wash hands every 20 minutes, wipe down sales areas after every customer leaves, and regularly sanitize products. You’ll also want to determine which sanitizing products to use and how to administer them to your space effectively.

Create Custom Masks

By now, you’re probably aware that the virus spreads, from person to person. Through the transmission of respiratory droplets from the mouth and nostrils. Facial coverings are the best preventative measure against this as they block those minuscule droplets from landing on other people. Wearing a facial covering in public is mandatory in most places.

Have you ever considered ordering branded face masks for your company and its employees? It’s challenging to be an essential worker right now. So why not treat staff to customized facial masks with the company’s logo? It’s never been more important to show appreciation for employees than now. Branded masks will help unify the team during stressful times. And customers will have an easier time identifying employees on the floor.

Provide Regular Zoom Updates

It’s a good idea to check-in with everyone once or twice a month. Organize Zoom meetings to discuss any new in-store procedures and see how everyone is handling things. People are stressed and tired. Offering a safe space to discuss health and wellness lets staff know you’re all in this together.

Providing a clean, safe. And happy work environment is a little more challenging than it was a few months ago, but it’s doable. Pay attention to official policies, initiate clear cleaning procedures, wear masks, and tune in to how employees are feeling.

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