Home Health Is Aluminium in Deodorant Harmful for your Health?

Is Aluminium in Deodorant Harmful for your Health?

Is Aluminium in Deodorant Harmful for your Health?

An effective way to manage sweat is to either use a deodorant or an antiperspirant. A deodorant will mask the sweat odor, but antiperspirants contain aluminum which blocks sweating keeping one dry. The best natural deodorant in the UK works well in preventing sweat. Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum. Health experts recommend natural deodorants or deodorant cream use though research is ongoing on the effects of aluminum on human health.

Why use aluminum in the deodorants?

It is good to understand why aluminum salts are the active ingredients in antiperspirants and why manufacturers use them even though they cause health complications. The main reason for using aluminum salts is to block sweat pores. The salts plug the pores preventing sweat, and that helps to keep the armpits dry. Sweating is a natural body process to get rid of waste. Blocking it may result in some health complications.

Health concerns and why aluminum in deodorant may be harmful to your health

Aluminum salts in deodorants could lead to kidney disease

There are health concerns regarding kidney function in getting rid of aluminum which the body considers as waste. The kidney’s function is waste elimination, and using aluminum skincare products may overwork the kidney. Doctors advise people with chronic kidney disease to avoid using skincare products with aluminum salts.

High levels of aluminum can lead to memory problems

Though dementia is a disease that one may contract due to old age, research shows that high aluminum levels contribute to developing the disease. Another health complication resulting from high levels of metals such as aluminum and mercury in the bloodstream is Alzheimer’s.

Research shows that people with memory conditions have high levels of aluminum in their systems. Research is still ongoing on what impacts aluminum levels since diet and medication may also increase the aluminum levels.

Breast cancer

The biggest health concern regarding the use of aluminum in antiperspirant and other beauty products is that it could lead to breast cancer. Health reports show that aluminum salts after absorption collects on the breast tissue. Another observation is that it affects estrogen by changing the endocrine system that may be harmful to health.

Are there aluminum-free antiperspirants

Unfortunately, all antiperspirants have aluminum salts. But one may still use natural deodorants that help to combat body odor effectively. Some of the other options to control body odor and sweating are:

  • Natural deodorants
  • Hypoallergenic deodorants
  • Alpha Hydroxyl acids
  • Home remedies such as cornstarch, arrowroot powder, or baking powder.

It is therefore important that one should take precautions when shopping for skincare products. Those that do not contain aluminum are better as they do not affect your health in the long run.

Reading the list of ingredients in the antiperspirant, one can tell if a product contains aluminum or not. Watch out for products that contain aluminum salts, compounds, or chlorohydrate.

Antiperspirants containing aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex are also high in aluminum salts and may lead to the above health complications in the long run.

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