Low Blood Pressure Tips To Help You Stay Healthy


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When you think of concerning aspects of your health, you probably think of things like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. One condition you might not consider, however, is low blood pressure. Also known as hypotension, low blood pressure occurs when your blood pressure reading is below 90 mmHg over 60 mmHg.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with low blood pressure, you might be wondering what you can do to boost your blood pressure. Thankfully, we have your back! Read on for some great low blood pressure tips!

Check Your Salt

If you typically avoid salt, then that may be one of the causes of your low blood pressure.
Salt is one of the best ways to boost your blood pressure, and thankfully it is pretty abundant in a lot of different foods. That doesn’t mean heading to a fast food joint and chowing down on a burger. Instead, opt for foods that can help boost your overall health and blood pressure.

For example, smoked salmon, olives, and canned soup are all great options to get more sodium in your diet.

Stay Hydrated

Another common culprit of hypotension is dehydration. When you’re dehydrated, you lose blood volume, lowering your blood pressure. You need to make sure that you’re getting between two to three liters of water each day. This will boost your blood volume and improve your blood pressure.

If you’re athletic, keep in mind that your workouts may be causing you to lose salt and fluids. Monitor your diet and hydration levels to ensure you’re replacing what you lose when you work out.

Get Caffeinated

Looking for a temporary boost?

Caffeine will boost your blood pressure as long as it’s in your system. It works by interacting with your cardiovascular system, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.

If you have a reading lower than normal, consider grabbing a cup of coffee or black tea to get your blood pressure back up to a normal level.

Try Compression Stockings

If you struggle with low blood pressure regularly, then you might consider investing in some compression stockings.

Compression stockings work by compressing your legs and forcing blood and fluids that might otherwise pool there back up and into circulation. Compression stockings come in various sizes and compression strengths, so be sure to visit your local medical supply store to see which pair will work best for you.

Loved These Low Blood Pressure Tips?

A hypotension diagnosis is no small thing! By following these low blood pressure tips, you’ll be making positive changes in your life that’ll keep you healthy and happy for a long, long time. Grab a cup of coffee and a bagel with smoked salmon, and get back to good health!

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