Making The Most Of Free Time: Nurses Work-Life-Study Balance


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Nurses Work-Life: Nursing is a rewarding, but demanding profession, often with long hours at all times of the day and night and dealing with emotionally charged situations which can literally be a matter of life and death. To be effective in this demanding role and to avoid burnout, it is also important to make time for yourself, giving the body and mind the chance to recharge after busy shifts.


Nurses devote their lives to looking after others, so it is even more important that they look after themselves. Rest and relaxation are vital, whether it is making sure they get enough sleep to relaxing in front of a favorite TV show or in a warm bath with some music playing. Good nutrition is also important to keep the body in good shape and optimize energy levels, although don’t forget some indulgent treats to boost the mood.

There are many different forms of exercise that can help keep you fit and boost your mood. If time is short, find an exercise that can also achieve another benefit. An exercise class can be a fun activity to do with friends while walking or running can allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Managing study

While further study will enhance your prospects, it can be hard to see how it fits in with working as a nurse without it taking every moment of your precious free time. One possibility is to consider online study. Online courses allow you to study at a time most convenient to you, letting it fit around your work and social commitments. Wilkes University offers a variety of courses including programs that can take you from MSN to DNP. The courses start at different times throughout the year, allowing you to choose a start time that is convenient for you, and by studying online, you do not waste time traveling to a university campus.

Choose a realistic schedule

It will help your work-life-study balance if, when possible, you work shifts that fit in well with your life and at a time when your energy levels are at their best. For example, if you have the commitments of a young family, this can impact how many hours you can comfortably commit to studying. Once you know your work commitments, it is easier to see when it will be convenient to study and also to plan some leisure activities that fit into your free time.

Have fun!

Nurses Work-Life: Life should never be all work and no play and enjoying yourself will boost your sense of well-being, something that can be vital after a challenging shift. This can be anything from catching a movie to a meal out with friends to any one of a number of hobbies you can choose.

During longer periods off work, you might want to use some of the time to increase your study hours. But also consider a few days away to relax and recharge. So you can return full of energy for whatever the next shift may bring.

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