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Monkeypox Write For Us

Monkeypox Write For Us

About Monkeypox

Monkeypox Write For Us: A viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted to humans by animals) with symptoms similar to those seen in the past in patients with smallpox. Besides, with the suppression of smallpox in 1980 and the subsequent cessation of smallpox vaccination, it emerged as the most important orthopoxvirus.

About Monkeypox

Symptoms of Monkeypox

Diagnosis of Monkeypox

Treatment for Monkeypox


There is currently no specific recommended treatment for Monkeypox. Several observational studies have shown that smallpox vaccination with the smallpox vaccine is approximately 85% effective in preventing Monkeypox. Therefore, prior vaccination against infant smallpox may result in a milder course of the disease.

However, at the moment, the original (first generation) smallpox vaccines are no longer available to the general public. A new vaccine for preventing smallpox and Monkeypox was approved in 2019 and is not yet widely available in the public sector.

Risk Factors of Monkeypox

Monkey Pox is a relatively rare disease. Risk factors include bites and scratches from infected animals (primarily African rodents or monkeys) or other rodents (such as prairie dogs) that have had contact with virus-infected African animals. So, people must avoid eating the meat of these animals.

Recent studies have shown that Monkeypox can infect several mammals, although the species never associate with the virus in its normal environment. Reduce or prevent the person-to-person transfer, even if it is rare, by avoiding direct physical contact with the patient and having the patient’s caregivers wear gloves and masks.

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