How Long Does Pneumonia Take To Heal


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You have probably heard of pneumonia quite a few times, even joking around with friends when we have the flu or a terrible cough.

But the reality is that pneumonia is not a joke, and you have to take it very seriously since it is an infection in one or both lungs that can carry more significant risk in people with other pathologies or people over 65 years of age.

Do you suspect that you may have Pneumonia?

The recommendation always goes to the doctor and tell him what is happening to you since this professional will know your medical history and symptoms, as well as perform the necessary tests to achieve a diagnosis. What are your symptoms? How long does pneumonia take to heal? All your questions have answers, let’s see them!

Pneumonia: What is it? 

As reported by Dr. Ana Palomares Muriana, from the Reina Sofía University Hospital (Córdoba, Spain) in her informative text, pneumonia is “a respiratory infection that causes inflammation and involvement of the lungs.

Besides, this pathology generally caused by bacteria or viruses, depending on the age of the person suffering from it.

What are its Most Common Symptoms?

  • That said, you should know that the symptoms may be similar to those of the flu, but they tend to become much more acute. For example, you may have a lot of coughs, a high fever that you can’t get down, phlegm that is getting worse, chest pain, frequent chills, punctures when you breathe, lack of regular breathing, and a long, etc.
  • In any case, if you have already diagnosed with pneumonia, the recommendation is not to smoke and not to be near smokers, not to drink alcohol (all the more reason if you are taking antibiotics). It is also ideal for drinking a lot of water, juice, infusions, soup, and a lot of liquid to favor the expulsion of the excess mucosa. Finally, at bedtime, try to find the most comfortable position possible that avoids coughing and the breathing plug.

The Time it takes for Pneumonia to Heal

As with any other medical consultation, how long an illness, disease, or illness will last. And, we are clear that the important thing is to heal completely.

We do not want to stop knowing how long this happening will keep us alert.

Pneumonia can be of Two Types:

Bacterial (in which case the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic) or viral (in which case need to treat an antiviral). And it seems easy to treat, the reality is that a prolonged illness that needs curing well.

  • It is challenging to find a number of days when you will feel bad, but something we will tell you for sure.
  • It will be worse than the flu, and you will feel sick. We could say that the minimum duration of this pathology is two to three weeks. Adding more days if we talk about healing completely, and a few weeks if we talk about energy, rest, and appetite again.
  • It is common, even, that the cough persists and lasts much longer than usual. Even it is to venture a lot because each person is a world, and each one affects it differently.
  • It is true during the first week, and if you are taking medicine, it can lower your high fever.
  • From the tenth day onwards, it depends a lot on the type of pneumonia and the patient. And the cough and chest pain may disappear after 3 weeks or even last up to a month.

Tiredness, fatigue, lack of sleep, and energy. There are patients for whom it will be a matter of month and a half to recover.

In contrast, for others, the total recovery will last up to three months.

The important thing is not to despair, have patience, observe that everything is for better and not for worse. And follow the advice of the doctor.


Do breathing exercises, breathe moistly and not dry air and take particular care with the entire respiratory system . All this will help you better manage the symptoms of pneumonia until it disappears completely.

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