Punch Abs – Why Do Trainers Punch Abs?


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If you’ve seen a guy hang on the bar keeping his abs stiff and at the same time getting punched in the abdomen, you’ve perhaps wondered if that’s harmful or effective.

However, we never used this way in all my years as a fitness trainer, but I am familiar with some colleagues who regularly do. So I decided to study this fact to find out whether hitting abdominal muscles provides any benefits.

After reading a few MMA trainers’ relevant articles, I came up with this understanding.

What are punch abs?

It means taking the power of the punch by using abdominal support. That’s the actual term used. However, for martial arts, the coach usually trains the timing, breathing, and coordination of contracting those muscles.

Furthermore, it helps people engage better in ab exercises and use the core muscles. The internal muscles tightening of a punch helps create a desirable six-pack.

Why Are Strong Abs Important?

Why Are Strong Abs Important?

Strong abs are significant because they are the basis of core power. Core muscles are our body’s most essential muscle set, perhaps more vital than leg muscles.

Muscular abs have numerous benefits:

  • Good posture
  • Body stabilization
  • Supported spine
  • Improve sports performance
  • Protect internal organs

Does punching in the abs work?

Does punching in the abs work?

Punching your abs doesn’t make your abs tighter. Moreover, strength is the potential of muscles to contract.

In addition, getting punched constantly makes the body respond by forming scar tissue. And the scar tissue is stiffer than the muscle tissue. If hitting an associate’s abdomen in the gym makes abs muscular.

However, developing more muscular may be the force to perform workout tightening when receiving an external hit.

The other thing that straightly strengthens abdominal muscles is repetitively bending forward, sideways, and crossways while going through punches.

So performing these activities while punching in the abs may form more muscular muscle fibers.

Light blows to the tummy help improve the body’s fast ab muscle growth.

How do you punch your abs?

How do you punch your abs?

Sit with your legs stretched and feet collectively, knees a little bent. Besides, support your core and bend back slightly, with your fists at each side of your chest and elbows bent. Hit your right fist forward at shoulder height, then go again to start and repeat on the other side.

Punch Abs Workout

Joe Jonas public an Instagram video of a workout he did while touring Tokyo. Joe does a series of leg lifts, and the personal instructor wears boxing gloves and knocks him in the gut in the clip.

The DNCE official man isn’t the only one getting punched as part of a training approach. Furthermore, Mia Kang, a Sports Illustrated, i.e., an American sports magazine swimsuit model and proficient Muay Thai fighter, also posted a video of herself being punched in the abdomen. Every time she stretches her legs while working out squats, soldiers on each side of her kick her in the belly.

Punch Abs Exercises

This depends on your choice if you prefer gym and are anxious about the six-pack abs look.

The best punch abs exercises for building muscular are as follows:

Seated Punches

Seated Punches

  • Sit easily with feet grounded and knees bent, and body right.
  • Gradually lower your upper body putting some pressure on your abs
  • Then start the desired number of right and left punches.

Seated punches mainly target the abs and shoulder muscles, referring to the above instructions on performing the exercise correctly. Bosu ball pushups, Push-ups, Bosul ball plank leg lifts, and medicinal ball wall throws are similar to seated punches.

Punching Bag Workout

Punching bag workouts are perfect for full-body exercise and improving your boxing expertise. However, it would help if you had some fitness tools for successful training.

First, you need inner gloves for an easy fit. Also, your boxing gloves aren’t going too well with your bare hands. You’ll be covered with sweat, and the boxing gloves will slip.

Second, you require a boxing accessory to prevent injury. You might injure your hands pretty severely while working on punching bags with your bare hands.

Third, you might require a big bag to perform your punches.

Exercise that hits the whole body

Exercise that hits the whole body

If you’re well-known for Michael Olajide Jr.’s workouts, you know what we’re talking about.

Boxing is quite an all-around exercise. Michael stated it’s the perfect thing for the human body.” The fast pace increases your heart rate for absolute cardio exercises. It builds several different muscle masses, including shoulders, back, arms, legs, and core, and its high power makes it fantastic for reducing fat!

Dumbbell Rotational Punches

Dumbbell Rotational Punches

You can get an advantage from rotational punches. Then you can perform the same movement holding light dumbells to stress the core a bit more and get a shoulder pump. MMA fighters and boxes carry out this exercise frequently to enhance shoulder power and boost their rotational speed.

Dynamic Abs Punches

Dynamic Abs Punches

Stand in a standing pose, and punch your thighs slightly. Next, raise to the start position, hit smoothly with your hands on your belly, and feel how your abs activate. Repeat. Once you get going, try hitting the floor instead of on your thighs.

This exercise will help you get better at activating the abs muscles properly.


Punching abs help you build muscle mass, especially if you’re targeting the core of your abdomen. It helps develop muscle externally and improves your neural control and the quality of your internal organs.

It gives your abdominal muscles strength and increases the process of getting curvy abs.

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