The Symptoms Of A Silent Heart Attack


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A silent heart attack also referred to as SMI is a horrifying experience in itself. It is a type of heart attack which is going to occurrence without any form of symptoms. The symptoms turns out to be minor and are often mistaken for issues like heartburn, indigestion, nausea, muscle pain or a bad case of a flu. The worse part is that a person who has got a heart attack will not be aware of it. It leads to a situation where the heart attack is not noticed for weeks or months at a stretch. All this calls for an in depth heart health insurance plan so you are safeguarded against any type of heart attacks. The diagnosis of the heart attack is known to catch both the patient and the doctor by surprise.

What makes this form of attack different from a regular heart attack is that it is not going to showcase the symptoms of a typical heart attack in the form of chest pain, shortness of breath or cold sweats. It is necessary to discuss about heart attack and their symptoms.

The Symptoms

The Symptoms

Pretty much as discussed the symptoms of the heart attack is mild as regular discomfort along with other health problems are bound to arise. An example is that someone would feel they are overworked and feel it is physical exertion or it can be body pain and lack of sleep. Other symptoms of heart pain like chest pain or throat pain would be confused for gastric influx, digestion or heartburn. The location of such a type of pain is often misunderstood. When it is a silent heart attack the pain would be felt in the centre of the chest and not on the side ways.

The process of diagnosing the symptoms is challenging. There might be difficult to breathe or any form of dizziness may be present or not. It is going to vary from one individual to another individual. If there is a heart attack there is a chance of another heart attack which could turn out to be life- threatening.

Hence it is better to consult your medical actioner, who is going to keep a tab on the condition of your heart. Apart from physical examination. An analysis of the medical history or signs is going to give you an idea on whether you may require further tests. If you witness any of the symptoms it is suggested that you proceed on to the hospital immediately. If the silent heart is not noticed it can lead to a major heart attack. These signs is not always going to point to a heart attack as they may be mild but it is always better to exercise caution. You could face the following symptoms

  • Nausea or cold sweat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Uncomfort in various parts of the body like the arms, legs etc.
  • Discomfort in the centre of the chest leading to pain.

If you encounter any of the symptoms it is better that you get in touch with a doctor immediately.

The reasons behind a silent heart attack

The causes of a silent heart attack are similar like a normal heart attack. In due course of time plaque tends to accumulate in the coronary arteries which would restrict the flow of blood and oxygen on to a heart muscle. All of a sudden the plaque deposits could rupture. It is known to cause a flow of blood on to the artery which may cause complete blockage of the blood and oxygen leading to a heart attack. Care Health Insurance suggests that you need to conduct a periodic evaluation of your heart on a timely basis.

In most of the cases a silent heart attack goes unnoticed and does not require any type of medical intervention. If you encounter any of the symptoms it is better that you get in touch with a doctor rather than brushing it aside. Dealing with a silent heart attack means you need to deal with medical interventions. The use of such medicines increase the flow of blood to the heart, reduce clotting and prevents another form of a heart attack. With the use of medicines it is possible to deal with issue of a silent heart.

The medicines should be taken early along with other type of preventive medicines. Anyone who has experienced a silent attack would need treatment based on stress test. If anyone has suffered from a silent heart attack they are going to require the same form of treatment like a regular heart attack.

It is going to be risky just like other form of heart attacks. This is going to cause damage to your heart along with a host of other heart issues.

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