Simple Physical Activities for Heart Health


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.Heart health is very important, even if you are as young as 20 years old. Despite age and health factors, keeping a check on your heart health is vital for you as well as for your family. There are many tips on the internet on how to keep your heart healthy, but exercise and regular physical activity is the best tip amongst all the options.

Eating a healthy diet and checking your heart health from the best heart hospital in Bangalore, following a routine of physical diet, and living a peaceful and serene life, devoid of any bad habits is vital for good heart health.

Even though all these points are essential, doing all of these but not having any physical activity might not be the best of deals. A sedentary lifestyle can do you more harm than a bad diet. A lousy diet taken once or twice from time to time can still be burned off effectively. Even the best and cleanest of diets will not be burned if you don’t get involved in regular physical activity every day.

A typical human heart is as big as the size of a fist and pumps almost 6 liters of blood every single time. The heart muscles are easily damaged when there is high cholesterol blocking the valves of the arteries that go up to the heart. The only method to make sure your heart is healthy is to focus on your diet and getting plenty of physical activity. It does not have to be intense or excessively long. Simple day-to-day workouts and activities can cause a rush of blood and get your heart pumping.

Here are a few examples of easy physical activity that you can do without spending too much time, and there’s no age bar:

1. Walking

Walking is considered as the best workout for physical activity for anyone, with no restriction of small health problems or age. It just about 30 to 45 mins a day can help you burn 1000 to 2000 calories. It may be less for a few who walk slowly and could be more for those who can power walk. A simple walk in the park with your dog, a friend or a family member can give you plenty of exercises and help you elevate your mood levels which in turn makes your heart healthier.

2. House chores

Simple house chores such as cleaning the house, washing your car, mowing your lawn and even cooking can work up your body quite a bit. Cleaning and mopping the floors is an excellent exercise for all your body parts as it involves a lot of muscle activity. Washing your car and mowing the lawn gives your upper body quite a good physical activity. Cooking in the kitchen can actually help working an appetite. Try to include traditional methods such as grinding with a mortar and pestle and hand blending your deserts.

3. Simple Aerobics

Simple aerobics that comes on your television and most health channels are extremely effective when it comes to physical activity. Aerobics is designed to work for each muscle group in a very limited. But continuous manner to help strengthen and tone the muscle over a period of time. It is also easy and fun to do it. With a bunch of friends with some peppy music.

If there is a restriction in movement or an age factor attached, it is better to consult with a doctor before you take on such activities. You could refer to one of the best heart hospitals in Bangalore and contact a heart specialist for advice.

4. Yoga

Yoga is an age-old traditional form of exercise with more than just physical activity. It involves rhythmic sync between mind, body, and soul and helps create a balance in all three. Yoga focuses on your breathing and helps cleanse the body from toxins. While working on the different parts of the body. It improves your mental health, flexibility, focus and gives overall well-being for those who do yoga regularly.

Weight Loss, heart health, and stress relief are just side-effects of this beautiful physical activity. Yoga has no age bar and can be practised with trained instructors who can help you with your specific requirements.

These are some of the best methods to keep your heart health in check. With simple movements and physical activities around your home. These do not require any excessive time or training. And still will help you in giving great benefits to your body.

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