Tabata Workout in Short Time Intervals


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The universal excuse for not going to the gym is lack of time, and that makes total sense. We all live fast lives, and we are either on social networks, in the traffic network, or on a betting network at But, anything is possible when you have the will, and we present to you a super workout that will help you all. It is Tabata. The idea of this type of exercise is to achieve effective training in a short time, specifically in 4 minutes. We know this sounds impossible, but this is the kind of exercise during which you will have fun and get all your muscles moving at the same time.

Many people are satisfied with this method of exercise, so it is becoming more and more popular. But, the question arises – is exercising in short time intervals a good idea and how effective is it? Should the Tabata workout be just a form of warm-up and then be followed by another type of exercise?

What Is Tabata?

Nowadays, it is a bit strange that we notice a certain trend without consulting TikTok because almost everything that has gone viral in the last couple of years has started on this app. However, Tabata is not the latest workout and it is related to another period.

In the early 1990s, Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata devoted his time to researching how the body reacts when it undergoes intense training and then rests in short breaks. This method of training was subjected to close monitoring, so Japanese scientists came to the conclusion that Tabata is effective both for the body and the cardiovascular system.

Tabata is just a short and more intense version of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise. Just like HIIT cycles in which muscles are trained to the maximum, the only difference between a Tabata workout and the one we are used to is the time limit. Tabata exercises are short and last only 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle of exercise and rest is repeated 8 times, which will bring you to 4 minutes of active exercise. When we put things this way, it sounds like it is an exercise that will potentially waste your time and not have the desired effect. However, even if you try it and realize it is not for you, you will only lose 4 minutes of your life.

Why Should You Try the Tabata Workout?

A ratio of 2:1 in terms of exercise and rest has been determined to be the best ratio for a workout. In just a few seconds (in this case, 20), your heart will reach a certain number of beats and thus the energy will flow through the whole body, which will quickly and efficiently start burning fat and building muscles. When you get to a break, half the time you spent working out is the perfect measure for a break because you will slow your heart down a bit, but you will not let it ’fall asleep’.

When you only have 20 seconds to exercise, you will, whether consciously or unconsciously, push your body to reach its maximum, whatever that may be. At the same time, the Tabata workout can be done anywhere, with or without equipment, so it is a perfect choice if you want to get active every day, while the exercise is effective and does not take much time.

The Tabata training is ideal if you do not have enough time to devote to the gym or any other training because this way you will still remain physically active. Of course, Tabata is not the only thing you should apply, but it should be an addition to your regular training in the form of a warm-up or a replacement when you cannot put aside half an hour to 45 minutes for working out.

How To Start With the Tabata Training?

It is best to start with jumping rope or with running and cycling. Get on the treadmill or start a light jog, then as soon as you feel your muscles tense up, accelerate to a sprint and sprint for 20 seconds, then return to a light jog and jog for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 8 times and you will have one completed Tabata workout.

Whatever type of exercise you decide on, you need to do certain movements for 20 seconds using all the strength you have in you. Jumping the rope? Jump the rope for 20 seconds, then stop and take a break. If cycling is your choice, ride as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then sit on the seat, and slowly rest for 10 seconds.

Once you try the Tabata exercise technique, we are sure that you will start every next workout exactly with this type of workout. In the absence of time, the Tabata method is here to get the most out of you.

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