The Top 8 Destinations for Travel Nurses: Where to Go and Why


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One of the best parts of travel nursing is the ability to experience so many different places and things, not just as a tourist but as a semi-local.

While demand, pay, and job availability all play significant roles in where nurses end up, many have quite a bit of freedom to decide their future temporary home.

All this to say, the United States is a big place, and there are so many different appealing cities and regions waiting for you to check out.

So where should nurses set their sights on their upcoming destinations? Read on as we explore eight of the top options.

1. Miami, FL

There’s no city in the country quite like Miami, the only truly tropical city in the mainland United States.

It’s an ideal choice for those looking to escape the cold winter temperatures that chill most of the country.

The Miami area offers a unique mix of Caribbean and Latin American culture, combined with some of the country’s best beaches, most exciting nightlife, and a growing art scene.

Add in the fact that there’s typically a high healthcare demand from the area’s growing population and many older residents, and it’s easy to see why Miami is a great choice for travel nurses.

2. Denver, CO

Lovers of the mountains should look for travel nurse jobs in the hip, growing city of Denver.

Set on the Front Range of the Rockies, Denver is perfect for nurses who’d like to spend their free time outdoors, with some of the country’s best hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing, and other recreational pursuits within a short drive of the city.

In addition, temporary residents of the Mile-High City can take advantage of the city’s bustling nightlife scene, along with a wide variety of breweries and distilleries as well.

Nurses can also enjoy relatively high salaries and high demand, especially in tourist-friendly seasons.

3. Atlanta, GA

For a bit of Southern comfort and charm, head to one of the South’s biggest cities, Atlanta.

Another incredibly fast-growing metro, typically with plenty of available jobs, the city offers a unique combination of civil rights and civil war history, fun, modern museums, and a variety of diverse neighborhoods.

Green space ranges from the spectacularly designed and landscaped Centennial Olympic Park to historic Stone Mountain just outside the city.

4. San Diego, CA

San Diego calls itself “America’s Finest City,” and anyone who’s lived in the oceanfront southern California paradise might be tempted to agree.

Known for its ideal weather, gorgeous and plentiful beaches, hip neighborhoods, and unique military and business culture, San Diego also offers an incredible selection of museums in Balboa Park and the waterfront.

There’s even the opportunity to hop across the border to visit nearby Tijuana, Mexico. Of course, all of this comes alongside above-average salaries and high demand for medical professionals.

5. New York City, NY

America’s biggest city is a top contender for travel nurses, who are always in demand to care for the more than 20 million people in the New York metro area.

Whatever temporary residents can imagine, New York can deliver, from dining and nightlife to shopping, countless museums and parks, entertainment, and so much more.

Dozens of diverse neighborhoods provide options from the busy streets of Midtown Manhattan to quieter but accessible enclaves within Brooklyn or Queens.

6. West Virginia

Not every travel nurse wants to live the big city life. Those looking for a additional rural setting with high healthcare demand should explore opportunities in West Virginia.

With many lower-income residents without adequate care, it’s an excellent spot for nurses who want to make a difference in the community.

Blanketed with breathtaking Appalachian Mountain landscapes and small towns, there are also limitless opportunities for outdoor exploration and fun.

Plus, cities like Morgantown and Charleston offer unique cultural attractions combined with amenities many look for in a medium-sized town.

7. Boston, MA

Boston is a perfect choice for nurses who want to experience one of the country’s most historic cities while adding some impressive experience to their resumes.

It’s home to numerous prestigious medical centers and hospitals, often offering highly competitive pay.

Outside work, nurses can walk the streets where the seeds of American democracy were planted, check out numerous museums, and even catch a game alongside ultra-dedicated Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins fans.

8. Alaska

Far to the north, “The Last Frontier” is waiting for adventurous travel nurses. Jobs are available in both larger towns like Anchorage as well as more remote areas of the vast, wild state.

There’s simply no other place in America with the mountains, tundra, glaciers, fjords, and other unique landscapes of Alaska (not to mention the extremes of summer daylight and winter cold), making it a place every traveler should experience at one point.

Where Will Travel Nursing Take You Next?

So many people are stuck in a place they don’t love simply because they’re tied down by their job.

Luckily, travel nurses can avoid this fate, traveling to amazing spots like these while earning an excellent salary and gaining valuable experience.

Whether it’s one of these destinations or another, the only limit to where travel nursing can take you is your imagination.

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