Top 4 Features To Look For In a Nasal CPAP Mask


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CPAP machines help treat sleep apnea by providing continuous airflow through the mouth, nose, or both. Several types of CPAP masks are available to help with this treatment. Nasal masks are one of the most popular types of CPAP masks because they offer many benefits over other types of masks.

While there is no perfect nasal mask for everyone, some features are common among all nasal masks and can help you find the suitable DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask.

Dreamwear Nasal Mask: Top Features To Look For In Your Nasal Cpap Mask

1. Exhalation Relief

Learning to use a DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask after being diagnosed with sleep apnea is difficult. It’s often clunky and uncomfortable. Additionally, being forced to breathe continuously through your nose and mouth may be overwhelming at first. Exhalation pressure relief helps patients breathe more comfortably by reducing the pressure on Dreamweaver nasal mask machines when exhaled.

The continuous positive airway pressure provided by CPAP machines makes it easier for patients to breathe in and harder for them to breathe out. In general, there are three settings for exhalation pressure relief: 1, 2, and 3. In the end, breathing becomes more comfortable and natural.

2. Memory Card

You can record therapeutic data on most CPAP machines to determine the effectiveness of your treatment. Data can include hours used, average pressure, leaks, and AHI. Besides recording your snoring, some advanced models will also measure whether it restricts your airflow. Users can see their data on some devices, while only clinical data is accessible on others.

The information is stored on a memory card, or SD card, which you can share with your specialist. With a remotely monitored machine, your technician can adjust your device, monitor your progress, or remind you when you need new supplies or equipment.

3. Noise

Also, the noise level of today’s CPAP machines can be measured at under 30 decibels (whisper-quiet). Others, however, are quieter. You should check each machine’s decibel level if you are concerned about the sound.

4. Air Filter And Humidifier

Your health and your machine’s health depend on your air filter. Dreamwear nasal mask air filters capture foreign particles, like dust and pollen, which can lead to lung infections. Without an air filter, bacteria will accumulate inside the machine and multiply.

Every machine has at least one kind of filter: reusable or disposable. Clean reusable filters and replace the disposable ones every 30 days.

Humidifiers add moisture to a room’s air. The result is a more comfortable breathing environment for those in the room. Your machine’s humidifier heats the air to make it more comfortable for you to breathe. As a result, you’ll experience less dry coughing and dry mouth.


When a sleep specialist prescribes a CPAP machine for you, you must use it properly. Misusing any piece can not only limit its effectiveness but may also compromise your respiratory health. Ensure you understand how your machine parts and how to work so that you can properly maintain it.

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