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Vegetable Drinks: Properties And Benefits

Vegetable Drinks: Properties And Benefits

For lactose intolerant, there is a wide range of vegetable drinks that can replace milk consumption. Why are they recommended? What are its benefits? Here we detail it.

Vegetable drinks are products that have become fashionable in recent years. They are profiled as a substitute for milk, as they are a good option for those who are lactose intolerant.

However, it is essential to take into reason specific issues related to its labeling to choose an excellent nutritional quality.

What are its possible benefits? In what situations is its consumption recommended? Regarding these foods, there are and many other doubts.

To make it clear, below, we tell you more about its properties and uses.

Vegetable Drinks, A Substitute For Milk

Vegetable Drinks, A Substitute For Milk

Milk is a food that contains a high nutritional density. However, it is not a good option for those individuals who have developed lactose intolerance.

There are varieties of this drink, lacking the sugar that causes discomfort, but its organoleptic qualities are not the same. This can condition their consumption.

In parallel, vegetable drinks are an alternative due to their contribution of nutrients.

Its protein and fat content is lower, but as long as they do not have added sugars, they are a suitable substitute for low-calorie diets.

Sometimes they are enriched with essential nutrients, such as B vitamins.

These are important in energy metabolism, according to a study published in the journal Sub-cellular Biochemistry.

Introducing them into the diet in the necessary amounts reduces the risk of damage to cells and DNA.

Vegetable kinds of milk can be an option to replace cow’s milk in people with lactose intolerance.

Vegetable Drinks Are More Digestive

Vegetable Drinks Are More Digestive

One of the characteristics of vegetable drinks is their easy digestion. Being a deficient fat and protein product, it presents a rapid gastric emptying and does not usually cause discomfort.

Thus, it can be an option to add to coffee or smoothies in those who suffer from stomach or intestinal pain.

Vegetable drinks pair well with fruits, so they are also suitable for making smoothies.

However, if you usually suffer problems related to intestinal transit or the digestion process, it may be advisable to go to a specialist.

These disorders sometimes linked to intestinal dysbiosis, which could be corrected by supplementation with probiotics, conferring to a study published in the Journal of Biomedical Science.

Contain Protein

They are not proteins of high biological value; the proportion found is less than in milk, but vegetable drinks also have this type of nutrient.

For vegan diets, they are a good option, as they contribute to completing the protein intake. However, it should note that they are not proteins of high biological value, they lack essential amino acids, and their digestibility is improvable.

Consequently, they must not a single source of protein but combined with other plant products that contain this macronutrient.

To ensure an optimal supply, it is best to follow the nutritionist’s instructions.

Beware Of Drinks Containing Sugar

When buying vegetable drinks, it is necessary to pay attention to the labeling of the product. Some varieties contain added sugars.

This ingredient improves its flavor but noticeably reduces its nutritional quality.

As research published in the journal, Advances in Nutrition puts it, consuming simple sugars in excess increases your risk of developing metabolic diseases.

Therefore, the addition of carbohydrates to vegetable drinks can condition health and increase the incidence of diabetes.

It is essential to carefully read the labeling of these products and choose those varieties that  free of added sugars.

Besides, it recommended consuming those containing a higher proportion of vegetables in their composition, such as rice or oats.

Oat or rice milk stands out for its pleasant taste. Plus, it’s free of added sugars and can substitute for milk in many recipes.

Vegetable Drinks Included In The Regular Diet

It does not recommend substituting milk for vegetable drinks if there is no previous pathological situation, such as lactose intolerance or an allergy to cow’s milk proteins.

However, it can be a portion of food to use in the daily diet.

When the goal is to provide a flavored liquid base to make a smoothie or smoothie, vegetable drinks tend to be a more digestive option than dairy products.

In any case, remember to choose the varieties without added sugars; otherwise, you will be acquiring a product of low nutritional value.

Finally, keep in mind that some of these vegetable drinks are enriched with vitamins or minerals, which can be an option to avoid deficiencies.

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