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Where Can I Find Affordable Fitness Certifications?

Where Can I Find Affordable Fitness Certifications?

If you wish to increase your influence as a fitness professional or seek work in the industry, you’ll need to get certified. A certification supports you in terms of professionalism and expertise. It is difficult to get hired if you don’t have this type of endorsement.

This leads you to wonder if you can find a way to obtain a certification affordably. It can be done because you can earn an endorsement that will not cost you a dime – until that is, you pass the exam.

How to Qualify for Certification

To pass the test to get certified, you need to score 70% or higher. Usually, you’ll have to answer 75 questions. Therefore, you should shoot for at least answering 55 questions correctly. While you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss over 23 questions, it is still better to aim for a higher goal.

Affordable Fitness Certifications Can Be Taken for Free Online

You can find affordable fitness certifications online that you can test for free. You don’t have to pay for the certificate unless you pass the test. Moreover, you can pay for a lifetime renewal, which will run higher, or pay yearly at a lower cost. The certification includes a certificate that you can display and a card you can carry in your wallet.

Making a Selection

Before you choose to study online, you need to determine what course best fits your personal career goals as a fitness professional. Trending and popular certifications include personal trainer certification, group exercise, and specializations such as speed and agility training, tactical fitness, and indoor spin cycling.

Receiving a Personal Fitness Trainer Designation

One of the fundamental certification courses you can take online at a reduced cost is the personal trainer course. Once you pass the regular certification course, you can study for certifications for a master personal trainer and advanced personal trainer, or you can supplement what you know with a specialization.

Examples of Specializations

Some fitness specializations include golf fitness training, sports nutrition, youth fitness, senior personal training (basic and advanced), and group exercise or Bootcamp workouts. But if you want to make more money in the field, you might consider getting certified as a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor.

That way, you can work one-on-one with clients and collect fees from group exercise participants. In either case, you’ll be expanding your client base and working with clients with different fitness needs.

While group exercisers like the socialization involved in their exercise routines, clients who prefer to work with a personal trainer require more privacy, if you want to reach more people and make more money, studying for both certifications will reap the results you seek.

Your Focus is On the Client

The main thing you’ll learn from getting certified is how to work with a client. By studying for an exam, you’ll learn how to mentor someone one-on-one or teach exercises in front of a group. You’ll help people avoid injury and give them a renewed feeling of self-confidence and well-being. Therefore, getting certified means much more than just making money.

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