Women’s Health: How To Prioritise Your Well-Being


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As a woman, it’s crucial to prioritise your well-being. Too often, we put the needs of others before our own and, as a result, our health and happiness suffer. The irony of it is, though, that when we take care of ourselves first, we’re better able to take care of those around us.

The Importance of Women’s Health

In the United States, women are more susceptible to heart disease than men. In fact, one in four women dies as a result of complications due to heart disease.

This is a staggering statistic considering that heart disease is largely preventable.

Making healthy choices starts with knowing your numbers. Every woman should know her blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and BMI. These numbers can give you a snapshot of your overall health and help you make informed decisions about lifestyle changes that can improve your health.

How to Prioritise Your Well-Being

Prioritising your well-being is about more than just allocating time for the doctor’s office; it is about making informed decisions in every aspect of your life.

Practice Self Care

Women know how to multi-task and often jump from one thing to another, but it can be constructive to set aside time each day – even if only 15 minutes – to practice self-care.

When you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you have a better chance of living a healthier tomorrow. Take some time for yourself and learn how to prioritise your own well-being.

Organise Your Time Efficiently

To prioritise your well-being, you have to organise your time efficiently.

You need to value the small things in life and make them mean more to you. By channelling a little more time and energy into noticing when they appear, you can appreciate the smallest of positives.

A few examples of this include:

  • Going for a walk during your lunch break.
  • Make sure to establish a couple of short breaks throughout the day to get away from the computer screen, have a coffee, and really focus on clearing your head for a few minutes.
  • Pack an umbrella in your bag, so you don’t get wet walking home from work before catching the bus back home!

Get Help When You Need It

Being healthy doesn’t mean making physical health-oriented choices every single time: your mental health is just as important.

For instance, there may be an upcoming event that you’ve been looking forward to, and it just so happens that your menstrual cycle will interrupt it.

For peace of mind and confidence, and to relieve any discomfort this may cause, you can delay your cycle for up to 20 days with Norethisterone (available at Chemistclick.co.uk) so that you can enjoy the event worry-free.

Your mental health is essential, but it is advised that you only do this occasionally so as to not compromise your physical health.

Much simpler and regular opportunities to prioritise your mental state include saying no to working overtime and ensuring you maintain social appearances. Your mental well-being is much easier to sustain with help from friends, coworkers, a partner, and family who can give you support and encouragement.

Eat Healthier

One of the easiest ways to help prioritise your well-being is by making better food choices. Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body, and avoid processed foods wherever possible.

Cook at home or pack a lunch instead of eating out at lunchtime. You can also make better choices at restaurants by opting for healthier dishes and even limiting dining out, so you have more control over your diet.

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