3 Ways To Manage Stress Using Cannabis


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Cannabis is legalized in a variety of states has made it much less taboo to consume and enjoy cannabis. It is sold in many dispensaries, and there are a ton of head shops out there selling different accessories. You can even check out Me Time Box and get cannabis-related products and accessories, delivered right to your door.

While many people consume it for the “high” feeling or to deal with chronic pain, another popular use for cannabis is to manage stress. However, you need to be careful as sometimes it can heighten your stress or anxiety if you’re not mindful.

Without any further ado, let’s go over some great ways to ensure you can manage your stress with cannabis successfully.

Cannabis – Choose the Right Method of Consumption


The first tip to use it is to manage stress is to choose the right way to consume it. In total, there are many cannabis consumption methods, and everyone has their favorite. It can be smoked, vaped, taken as a tincture, and even taken in capsule form.

It is a good idea to carefully try a few and see which yields you the best results. Also, experiment with different strains to find your favorite. Be aware that the effects of it might be different for each method, so don’t expect them all to be uniform. Eventually, you will find a consumption method that best suits you and helps you feel the best.

Cannabis – Start Slow and Measure Your Doses

Anytime you use it, it is important to always start slow. Only begin by taking a little and see how your body and mind react before taking more. You can also do more if you need it, but can’t “undo” any cannabis you have already consumed.

Taking too much cannabis can be a very uncomfortable experience, so always be careful. Also, always keep track of how much you have consumed and measured your doses. Over time, you will learn your “sweet spot” and this can ensure you can get consistent results and not accidentally end up taking too much.

Terpenes Can Play a Role

Another important thing to think about is the terpenes in it. These are chemical compounds found not only in it but in many other plants and animals. They are what give each strain its unique scent and flavor profile.

But more than that, these terpenes can actually change your experience with it. They are the reason why two types of cannabis with the same THC levels can provide vastly different experiences. Terpenes themselves don’t produce the “high” feeling, but can indeed have an impact on the effects of the THC in cannabis.

There are many types of terpenes in cannabis, and each will provide a different experience. So if you consume it with the proper terpenes, it can help with the alleviation and reduction in stress. Some terpenes that can assist with stress include beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and others.

In conclusion, we hope this blog post has been able to help you learn some different and helpful ways to manage your stress using cannabis.

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