Simple Workout Routine to Relieve Stress


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In getting, through proper exercise(workout), relieving(relieve) stress and worries. We don’t always have time(free time) to go for a run, to walk, or to have a good time in the pool to take care of our bones, muscles, and joints at the same time as we relax our minds. Perhaps, therefore, it never harms to know what movements we can practice in the living room of our house to improve our mood a little.

It is easy. It does not require payment of monthly installments, nor does it need to make a significant investment of money. However, it can also bring you great benefits. You only need four things: a yoga mat or mat, cushions, comfortable clothes, and your will.

4 Simple Exercises(Workout) to Relieve Stress

20 minutes will be enough to feel better. The exercises we are going to carry out involve, first of all, uniting your body, your breathing, and your emotions. We are going to work your flexibility using suitable stretches, which will allow you to end those excesses that we typically collect all through the day.

If you take care of breathing and emphasis all your care on your body and each movement made, you will achieve an adequate inner balance with which to regulate your daily stress.

We do not expect you to get tired, let alone push your strength to the limit to burn fat. It is not the determination of this exercise routine. The only thing we seek is to achieve peaceful harmony between your body and your emotions. They are worth trying.

1. Relax your Back, Relax your Mind

They are relaxed, elementary exercises, and easy to carry out. The first one that we are going to do, you will need two cushions (or a cushion and a towel ). We will follow this sequence:

  • Lie down on the floor.
  • Place a cushion under your back that reaches the lower back area. (Your chest should be upper than your limbs).
  • Put another pillow under your head.
  • Extend your arms.
    Cross your legs as you see in the image above so that your knees are on both sides.
  • You will notice some tension in the waist and back area.

Now, take a breath for 10 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, and breathe out loudly. Hold this position for 5 minutes.

2. Abdomen up

Abdomen up

This exercise is also very relaxing. We need a small bucket or a stool, or firm cushions that allow us to elevate the buttocks and abdomen area.

  • Once you have placed the care under this area, bring your knees together.
  • Next, stretch your arms.
  • Now close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • This posture in which our head is a little lower than the body will facilitate better circulation to your brain.

Maintain this position for 5 minutes, and continue with the breathing routine: take a breath for 10 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds and exhale loudly.

3. A Little Balance: Legs up

To carry out the following exercise, you need a pillow and a fabric to shield your eyes and ease relax.

  • Stand in front of a partition and lie down so that you can stretch your legs on it.
  • Place a cushion under your back.
  • Once again, your chest will be higher than your head.
  • Now cover your eyes with the cloth as you stretch your arms.

Relax for 5 minutes and proceed to perform the breathing exercises mentioned above once again (inspire-hold-exhale).

4. Shoulder Stretch

We finish our exercise routine(workout to relieve stress) at a very particular time. As well as beneficial for the back, neck, and shoulder areas. We will carry it out within our possibilities, without exceeding ourselves. To do this, do the following:

  • Kneel on your just mat or yoga carpet.
  • Put a pillow on your heels and wisely bend your chest back so that you can touch the pillow on your feet with your hands.
  • Hold this situation for a minute while you notice that stretch in the shoulder area.
  • Then relax, return to the usual position, and do the exercise again.

This workout routine has a duration of 20 minutes. You don’t have to get tired. Remember that the ultimate goal is that, thanks to stretching, you relax your body while, with adequate breathing, you alleviate the noise of your mind. It’s worth putting it into practice.

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