Home Health Is There A Way To Repair My Bulging Belly Button?

Is There A Way To Repair My Bulging Belly Button?

Is There A Way To Repair My Bulging Belly Button?

Belly Button surgery is a cosmetic procedure that alters the look of the navel. It was initially performed to treat infants who suffer from umbilical hernias. Now, it has become a widely conducted cosmetic surgery. The primary objective of belly button surgery is to make the navel vertically shaped.  Women who have been pregnant or have scars from belly piercing typically opt for this cosmetic procedure. Continue reading to find out more about belly button surgery.

BellyButton Surgery Following Childbirth

For the most part, pregnant women’s navels significantly change over the course of pregnancy. It can become shorter, stretched, or broader than it was previously. Sometimes, even after pregnancy, your belly button can merge, causing it to stick out.

Bellybutton plastic surgery can be helpful in restoring your navel to its pre-pregnancy appearance. The procedure, however, will not alter your stomach’s look. Additional procedures, including a tummy tuck and liposuction, will be required if you want to surgically eliminate excess skin or fat accumulation related to pregnancy.  If you decide to have a tummy tuck procedure, your cosmetic surgeon may advise you to have a belly button procedure done at the same time.

You should have abdominoplasty if you are certain you will not become pregnant again. Pregnancy will reverse the outcomes of cosmetic procedures in that region.

Scar from Piercing

An ancient navel piercing, or one that your body rebuffed, can sometimes cause lasting scars on your belly button. Belly Button surgery may be beneficial based on the area of the scar. Belly Button surgery may be an efficient choice if the scar is positioned on the circular area of the skin that surrounds your navel or in the hole of your navel. If the scar is located just above your navel, a scar modification may be a better choice. This entails applying topical ointments or surgery to lessen the visibility of a scar. They are frequently less costly and intrusive than belly button surgery.

If you want to remove a piercing scar, you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon who has the expertise to treat it. They can examine the scar and consider the best alternative treatments depending on its look as well as location.

How Should I Prepare for Belly Button Surgery?

Prior to having this procedure, search for a qualified surgeon who has performed belly button surgery.  Make an initial appointment with at least two surgeons if possible.  Be sure to bring a list of questions and concerns you may have about the procedure.

It isn’t much you have to do to get ready for a belly button procedure. If you are a smoker, you should stop at least four weeks prior to surgery to lower your risk of complications. In the days prior to the surgery, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend you to discontinue taking specific medications or supplements. You should also not eat in the hours before the surgery, since you will more than likely be under general anesthesia.

Should I Be Worried About Having Complications?

Even though anesthesia is usually harmless, it can increase the likelihood of developing pneumonia, particularly if you have a pre-existing health issue including hypertension or diabetes. In some cases, blood clots may form. These complications can arise regardless of the type of surgical procedure you may have.

You may also experience some bleeding or an infection in the surgical site as a result of the procedure. Furthermore, the belly button procedure can potentially leave a scar, although this is very rare. This is why you should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

If you have the symptoms described below following your surgery, contact your surgeon immediately:

-Persistent pain
-Significant bruising, lightheadedness, and nausea
-Fever and distorted smell
-Unusual discharge

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