Everything You Need to Know About a Lumbar Traction Device


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Lumbar traction is commonly used to treat back pain and improve mobility. It works by stretching out your vertebrae, creating space between the bones, and releasing pressure off the pinched nerves. Traction and stretching require force, which you can get from a traction device.

A well-designed traction device is often an excellent alternative to surgery for someone struggling with back pain and mobility. These devices are easy to use, and you can use them anywhere, including at home or the office. Below are some benefits of using the device for lumbar traction.

Benefits of a Lumbar Traction Device

1.   It is Safe and Highly Effective

A lumbar traction device can be used as an alternative to clinical care because it is almost as effective as the clinical option. It also has minimal risk, making it a more accessible option for back pain and mobility issues to surgery. Continuous use of the device will get rid of the pain and restore the correct structure of your spinal bones. The design of the device also contributes significantly to its safety and effectiveness.

2.   It is Cost-Effective

When you compare a traction device to clinical care, you will realize that one has bills piling up every time you get treatment, while the other is a one-time expense. Buying a lumbar traction device is cost-effective because you do not have to buy a new device every time you need a session. That is not the case for clinical care, making the device a more affordable option. Also, you get to pull it from storage every time you experience back pain without necessarily paying for a doctor’s visit.

3.   It is Easy to Use

Administering care at home can be challenging, especially if it requires a specialist. A lumbar traction device makes home care very easy because the device is easy to use and comes assembled. That means you can easily use it at home without going to the hospital. The flexibility and convenience of getting treatment wherever you are, make it an excellent choice for that back pain you have been experiencing.

4.   It Offers Treatment Consistency

You may be worried that your treatment may not be consistent if you do not go to the hospital for traction. That should not be something to worry about because the lumbar traction devices have a split table design that offers the same kind of traction as clinical traction. Whether you start your treatment at the hospital and later take it home or choose to do it all at home, there will be no inconsistencies thanks to the design of the traction device.


The quality of care you get from any lumbar traction device depends on how well the device is designed. Therefore, you need to look at essential features before purchasing any device at home. Besides the usual ease of use function, a good traction device should have a blow-off valve to limit the force used, a friction-free surface, and a patented pneumatic system for accuracy.

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