4 Healthy Fall Treats to Make Your Day Special


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Pumpkin pies, apple cider, spiced tea, cinnamon rolls, and hot chocolate – as Fall rolls around. All these staples make it to the top of your regular menu.

The vibrant, brilliant colors of oranges and golds make your days exciting even as you eagerly look forward to Halloween, dressing up, and putting out decorations.

Take a break from the gloom that’s set in as the days get shorter and get these special treats to make your days special. You could also consider gifting them to loved ones.

Here are a Few Great Ideas

1. Gift Baskets Brimming with Health & Goodness

Gift baskets with fresh fruits and fun but healthy breads and rolls are sure to make your day. Your loved ones will be delighted when they receive an assortment of seasonal fruits in different colors.

Add some color to your diet with a basket packed full of grapefruits, mangoes, apples, oranges, Anjou pears, and Hass avocados. Kosher nuts are added to the mix to balance out the sweetness with savory treats. Top off the entire collection with a babka cake and chocolate rugelach, and you couldn’t find a more fitting Kosher gift basket for the season.


2. Nutritious Noodles

If you’ve always been under the impression that noodles are junk food, the Noodles & Company menu has tons of options to give you a whole new perspective of this soul food. Should you check out the ingredients and nutritional value. You might just find that the company has some of the healthiest dishes on the block. Only soybean oil is used to saute the food that is heaped with fresh vegetables.

You can choose to order all-time classic favorites made with fiber-rich and nutrient-laden ingredients or go for a bowl of empty carbs as the mood strikes.

Some of your options include Truffle Mac with mushrooms, Parmesan, and truffles topped with a layer of bread crumbs, Pasta Fresca, Penne Rosa, and Zucchini Romesco. Enjoy by yourself or with a friend.

Nutritious Noodles

3. Fun Custom T-Shirts for Workouts

When you’re looking for the right motivation for working out. The first item on your list would be smart gym clothing. If your workout wear was better suited for the summer months, treat yourself this fall by placing an order for customized tees and leggings. You could choose custom t-shirts made with specialized fibers that wick away sweat and keep you comfortable.

Nylon, polyester, and bamboo fibers are ideal if you’re aiming for high-intensity workouts where you’ll sweat a lot. With winter coming up, do remember to add sweatshirts with hoods and long pants to your order.


4. 100% Merino Wool Throw Blanket

Natural fibers add a wonderful soft feel to this lovely throw blanket. Order this big yarn, woven, chunky blanket that warms your heart and makes you feel cozy and loved. Available in a selection of colors, you absolutely need it for your psychological health.

We’ll admit that we started this list with the intention of putting together healthy treats. But, this one’s great for your soul. So, indulge! Curl up on the sofas with a good book and a beloved pet, and let Fall weave its magic around you.

Have you wondered why the Fall evokes excitement and hype about the coming winters? Could it be because the warm colors bring back memories of happy traditions, Halloween, lavish Thanksgiving dinners, and lots of excursions as kids?

Do you remember going apple picking or searching for the perfect pumpkin picking with your parents and munching on delicious apples fresh from the trees? Or, maybe you’re nostalgic about cuddling up beside the fireplace with the aromas of cinnamon and spices. Bring back those wonderful times with these treats and enjoy every moment of the Fall.

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