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24 Sep 2021

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Abandoning Psychological Therapy Prematurely And Its Serious Consequences

Abandoning Psychological Therapy Prematurely And Its Serious Consequences

Have you ever thought about going to psychological therapy?. Some people still have reservations about this subject as they still have the negative connotation that attending psychotherapy.

It is synonymous with having a mental problem when this is not necessarily the case.

The therapy is ideal for all those people who have a problem that overcomes them and for which they do not find an excellent way to solve it.

What can be so thoughtful that we can’t resolve it on our personal? And the answer is somewhat that we now have so regularized that it exists with us every day.

Therefore, it affects many aspects of life, such as relationships, self-confidence, the way we face adversity, and our performance.

Has something like this ever happened to you? If this is your case or in the same way you are considering attending psychological therapy.

We recommend you read this article where we will talk about the importance of not abandoning psychological therapy prematurely and the terrible consequences that this brings.

Why Is Commitment Important In Psychological Therapy?

In simple words, the success of psychological therapy depends as much on the therapist’s work as on the client’s responsibility to seek their change.

If this reciprocity does not exist, then psychological intervention will not bear full fruit, and the person may relapse into the same problem or even attract new ones.

After all, how can you solve something if you don’t spend time learning its solution?. Many people fear that psychotherapy will go very wrong, that the therapist, far from helping them, will only dedicate himself to judge and demoralize them.

But that is only a reflection of one’s avoidance of facing problems head-on, as that is quite heavy and painful. But once you get rid of them, you will see that everything in the world is easier than it seems.

Consequences Of Leaving Psychological Therapy Without Having Recovered

Consequences Of Leaving Therapy Without Having Recovered


The closure therapy involves the process of completion, where the person fully empowered about their problem and their ability to resolve. This means that you are ready to take charge of any future obstacle.

However, some people, for personal and intimate reasons, decide to leave therapy early. Which may benefit them, but in other cases, make their situation worse. These are some of the severe consequences that this premature abandonment can suppose.

Aggravation Of The Problem

As mentioned, one of the most significant importance is that the problem that has led the person to therapy worsens and becomes more reliable in his life. Which is much more challenging to solve in the future and will only cause a continuous storm.

Fear Of Being Vulnerable Due to Psychological Therapy

One of the leading causes why patients decide to abandon psychological therapy suddenly. Because they are afraid that they may invade their privacy and judge them. That is, they have a negative view of treatment and do not allow the psychologist to offer them an improvement.

Be Wary Of Psychotherapy

If in the future, the person wants to return to therapy to deal with their problems. They can develop considerable anxiety that prevents them from doing so or that hinders the intervention process.

Increased Insecurity

Especially when issues affect performance and personal confidence, as they cannot be solved. The person will only feel increasingly insecure in other areas, which will affect their performance, relationships, and future opportunities?

Distortion Of World Perception

I refer to distrusting people, and the person can ‘turn a blind eye’ to the impact of their conflicts on their lives. This will lead you to continue normalizing them and leaving aside, facing them to eliminate them.

Always Go-To Excuses

Excuses can become a widespread and unpleasant habit to avoid something that the person does not want to face or assume. But above all, you can stop seeing them as excuses and believe them to be valid enough reasons.

Fall In A Vicious Circle

Not  aware of the impact of problems on the rest of the development spheres and continuing to make excuses. It  will only make the person fall into a vicious circle that can distance him from his reality or the quality of his relationships.

If you want to go to therapy to solve. You must commit to the whole process, as long as it helps you instead of delaying you.

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