Will OCD Treatment Interfere with Your Fitness Routine?

How OCD Treatments Can Enhance Your Life?

OCD Treatment: It is generally accepted that exercise alleviates many of the symptoms related to OCD and depression, at least over the short-term. Exercise and fitness routines are considered good for the connections between neurons in the brain. This helps to reduce obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms. There is no doubt that exercise boosts self-confidence, releases endorphins, and positively affects mood. This in turn keeps stress at bay. Since OCD is elevated when stress levels are higher, it stands to reason that exercise induces a feeling of calm and relaxation which ameliorates overall mood.

Yet, there isn’t much information on how an OCD treatment affects your ability to exercise. This is the subject of today’s post. Naturally, the type of OCD treatment regimen that you undergo will have a direct bearing on your ability to perform physical activity a.k.a. exercise. We begin our discussion with a short expose of the side effects of different types of OCD medications. SSRIs and SNRIs are the primary medications used to treat and manage OCD. We will then briefly explore Deep TMS™, as an FDA-Cleared treatment option for OCD.

OCD Medications and Their Side Effects

For most OCD patients, antidepressants are the go-to medication. This anxiety disorder can be intensely debilitating, by way of pervasive, intrusive, and obsessive thoughts, and the resultant actions needed to calm the thought processes. Most people with OCD embark upon a two-pronged approach – medication and therapy. Commonly prescribed OCD medications include the likes of Zoloft, Paxil, Anafranil, Luvox, and Prozac. Next, we explore the side effects of these medications:

Zoloft – this SSRI has various side-effects includingsleepiness, drowsiness, fatigue, agitation, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, skin rashes, and the like. If you experience any of these symptoms, it will make it difficult for you to exercise effectively, particularly if you have low levels of energy.

Paxil – Paxil otherwise known as Paroxetine, is also an SSRI medication which is widely prescribed for obsessive-compulsive disorder. This medication needs to be taken for at least 4-6 weeks before any effects are seen. Unfortunately, there are many side effects from taking Paxil, notably sexual dysfunction, feelings of sickness, diarrhea, insomnia, weakness and fatigue. Fortunately, the side effects are rare as this medication is generally well tolerated by people.

Anafranil – otherwise known as clomipramine, this medication is a tricyclic antidepressant. Unfortunately, it has more side-effects than traditional OCD medications. Typical side effects include changes in weight and/or appetite, congestion, headaches, decreased concentration or memory, decreased libido, nervousness, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, drowsiness, and dry mouth. Naturally, this medication may act as a disincentive to exercising.

Luvox – Fluvoxamine has many potential side-effects, including decreased appetite, weight loss, agitation, nervousness, weakness, fatigue, unsteadiness, decreased libido, dry mouth, headaches and nausea, difficulty concentrating, indigestion, and constipation. If these types of symptoms are occurring, exercise can become a challenging activity.

ProzacFluoxetine is widely prescribed for treating a variety of mental health disorders, notably OCD and major depressive disorder. This medication is associated with various side-effects, notably: weakness, heartburn, dry mouth, yawning, weight loss, changes in sex drive, excessive sweating, confusion, memory problems, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, and dry mouth. Certain side effects of Prozac can be serious, such as joint pain, swelling, difficulty breathing, hives, blisters, and rashes. If any of these side effects are occurring, medical help should be sought out.

Deep TMS and Stress-Free Living

There are treatment regimens for OCD that will have no effect on your ability to exercise. One of these is the FDA-Cleared Deep TMS. This is a non-surgical, noninvasive, pain-free treatment option utilizing a specialized helmet with magnetic fields to target the medial prefrontal cortex, as well as the anterior cingulate cortex. It stimulates brain activity in problematic areas to improve the overall symptoms of OCD. The good news about this treatment option is that it only takes 20-40 minutes per day, 5 days per week, for 4-6 weeks.

Patients generally respond favorably to this treatment, and a large chunk of them report fewer OCD symptoms, or a dramatic improvement in their day-to-day lives. Deep TMS is designed to fit in with your daily schedule, so that you can go about your business without having to disrupt your life. There is no lasting pain or discomfort, no fatigue or nausea to speak of. The efficacy of any OCD treatment is naturally enhanced when it is coupled with healthy lifestyle habits. Exercise, eating right, sleeping well, and having a stress-free lifestyle will certainly help.

It’s important to assess the severity of your OCD, and the degree to which it can negatively impact your lifestyle. If traditional options such as therapy and medication are not working as desired, it may be time to consider unconventional methods like Deep TMS for treating OCD effectively. Plus, there are no ill effects to speak of, and it won’t impact your day-to-day exercise regimen. You can stay healthy without worrying about the side effects of medication.

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