Five Ways Magnetic Field Therapy Can Boost your Health


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Magnetic Field Therapy: Have you ever experienced unexplained pain that does not seem to go away? Are you tired of taking medication that does not seem to affect anything? If you answered yes, then you should consider some non-invasive and pain-free treatments. Medicines and surgery should always be the last resort for treatment.

Non-invasive procedures are those that do not require the removal of tissue. Most doctors advise people with back pain to opt for non-invasive procedures as an alternative to surgery.

Acupuncture, reiki, and magnetic field therapy are some examples of popular non-invasive procedures. Magnetic field therapy is one of the most diverse, non-invasive treatments in the world. How does it all work, you ask? Read this article to find out.

How does magnetic field therapy work?

It is a kind of therapy that uses magnets to maintain illnesses. The human body produces magnetic fields that can cause changes in humans. So, when your body interacts with electromagnetic fields, you generally feel a shift in your emotions.

How do PEMF therapy devices work?

It is simple. Practitioners apply magnetic field therapy outside the body with different instruments to maintain health.

Initially, practitioners pass an electric current through a metal spiral. Doing so produces a magnetic field around the wire. Then they either insert the coil into a device or touch items to it. For example, a pemf mat contains a spiral that produces a magnetic field. The patient then lies down on the mat to heal their muscles and bones.

Something to keep in mind:

While EMF is safe to use for most people, it can cause problems for others. Doctors advise people with pacemakers to avoid using such magnets. Furthermore, those who have an insulin pump and expectant mothers should not go for EMF therapy. Besides, the use of EMF should be avoided by young children as safety is not proven yet. Some common side effects of PEMF include pain, nausea, and dizziness. However, these side effects are rare.

What are the types of PEMF?

PEMF therapies harness the magnetic force to boost health. There are three main types of PEMF therapy.

1. Static magnetic field therapy: Any contact with a magnet is preferable in this kind of therapy. Patients might wear magnetic bracelets or other such items. Some might sleep on pressure area care mattresses with lodestones in them.

2. Electrically charged magnetic therapy: These magnets carry electric charges. So, professionals pass an electric pulse through the patient’s body.

3. Magnetic therapy with acupuncture: This therapy focuses on the energy pathways of the body. Experts place magnets on these sections to improve health.

However, it is relevant to remember that Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) should not be considered an alternative to surgery. PEMF can fasten the healing process, but only when patients complement it with lifestyle changes and other therapies.


There are five ways PEMF can improve your lives.

1. Pain relief: Many people found PEMF effective for pain relief. Research shows that it takes only a few minutes to see results. When we administer electric currents to a pain site, the afferent and efferent impulses are blocked. Then our body releases endogenous endorphins to relieve pain.

2. Sleep management: People report improvement in their sleep quality as a common side effect of PEMF therapy. Since PEMF relaxes both the mind and body, it improves rest and helps the patient sleep longer. It also stimulates the release of Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone in the body. Melatonin is vital for anti-aging and sleep, while HGH production is necessary for deep sleep.

3. Improve Mental focus: PEMF therapy improves cognitive function. Studies have consistently proved that PEMF can not only make a person more alert, but it can also boost their mood and treat depression. Therefore, patients who have issues in mental processing can use PEMF to improve their mind and cognition.

4. Reduce Stress: PEMF changes how the body responds to stress. It affects the bodily systems which manage stress. There is a lot of evidence that supports this claim. For example, a study found that passing a low-intensity magnetic field through a mouse reduces “anxiety-like” behaviors within ten minutes.

5. For healing and recovery: Regular use of PEMF therapy has shown to help in recovery and rehabilitation. Since PEMF triggers the energy-producing processes of the body, it can improve endurance. Furthermore, it also prevents the breakdown of cells and encourages healing systems.

PEMF and drug dependence

Drug dependency is a pressing concern around the world. People generally self-medicate to overcome pain. But long-term use of most over-the-counter pain medication can develop stomach ulcers and kidney problems in patients. Furthermore, there is the risk of addiction and drug dependence. PEMF can help in pain management and reduce dependency on drugs.

Therapeutic magnetic field treatment can decrease swelling, inflammation, and the intensity of pain. It also improves circulation, cellular metabolism, and energy.


PEMF is not a modern technique. It has a long history of use within the United States of America and Europe. However, it is relevant to note that PEMF should not be a primary treatment. It gives better results when patients make some lifestyle changes. Short PEMF treatments have more efficacy than longer ones. But, only experts should administer PEMF treatments. Not going to a competent professional can not only undermine the effectiveness of the treatment, but it can also be dangerous.

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