How Your Footwear Impacts Your Day-To-Day Lifestyle


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Everyone, regardless of age, gender or ease of mobility, is fully aware of how much a day, or a night, out can be instantly ruined once their feet start to hurt or their ankles start feeling sore due to incorrect or ill-fitting footwear.

However, aside from the universally accepted knowledge that once you develop a blister or two, all you want to do is go home and put your feet up, you may well be unaware of just how supremely important good footwear is to your daily life. But it’s equally important to have a good cushion in your shoes; you can check out Protalus insoles for better comfort and support and see how your feet will feel.

With that being said, continue reading to learn just how footwear impacts and affects your day-to-day lifestyle.

Work Wear

For those who spend a great deal of time in their daily working life standing up, or walking from one location to another (even if simply within the office or workplace), you may be under the illusion that a cheaper pair of flat, black shoes will do the job.

However, the reality is that wearing unsuitable or ill-fittingshoes or boots, especially regularly, can result in a wealth of health issues such as the exacerbation of joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis; as well as infection, a balance disturbance and a higher risk of trips and falls.

Footwear For Older Adults

It is a little known, yet perfectly true, fact that as a person becomes older, the skin on their feet will naturally lose the elasticity it previously had, making the tissue itself become tighter and therefore the physical shape of each foot becomes wider than before.

As a result, for older adults and the elderly, it is necessary to invest in more than a few pairs of top-quality and well-made shoes, boots and orthopedic slippers that provide the correct amount of support required.

Additionally, if you have a pair of much-loved and sentimental shoes that previously fit you like the proverbial glove, it is entirely possible that, as a general loss of fatty tissue and muscle mass can lead to a lower tolerance of pain, these shoes are no longer good enough.

Searching For The Ideal Pair Of Shoes

Now you are fully aware of the importance of correct footwear and shoes which are appropriate for the activity you are engaging in, it is time to treat yourself to at least one pair of shoes that best suit your personality and lifestyle.

When wanting to protect not just your feet and ankles, but your body’s overall health, it is advisable to remember the following tips:

  • Make sure you buy shoes with a broad heel and a small height
  • Each time you buy a pair of new shoes, be sure to ask the store assistant to measure your feet, to ensure there have been no notable changes in size
  • Never commit to buying a pair of shoes with the view to breaking them in; if they fail to feel comfortable immediately, they are unlikely to be right for you
  • Make sure you buy a pair with a firm midsole and insole for support
  • Always go shoe shopping at the end of the day, when your feet are the largest they will be

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