Muscle Mass Loss Without a Gym And a Sedentary Lifestyle


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Muscle Mass loss, for one reason or another, we cannot go to the gym. And that’s when we see ourselves without a gym and with a sedentary life, a life that forgets physical exercise to make way for other forms of leisure, such as watching a movie, cooking your favorite dishes. But training is not in our plans which causes muscle mass loss.

Sitting hours make us have less movement, fewer steps, fewer stairs. And the result can end up gaining a little weight or losing muscle. Can this be avoided? The answer is clear: of course, yes!

You just have to know what to do to avoid losing muscle mass with physical exercises you can do at home, without the need for much extra material or a gym to go to day after day. We help you get it!

Tips to Prevent Sedentary Life at all Costs


The first days it will cost you an effort to start training but, like everything, it is a matter of creating a habit. For this, it is better to set a time a day in which you know you have to train. It is not worth delaying it. On some occasions, you will have to show your will, and on others, the body will ask you directly.



There is no use taking care of yourself if you do what you want with food. This is eating late, all full of calories and without any control. Mainly, for muscle mass, proteins are essential. A diet rich in protein will help to define and tone muscle mass while losing fat.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is vital, and in sports and health, even more. Having a good rest and getting 8 hours of restful sleep is very important. That is why you must respect the hours of sleep and not stay until so many to get up later. And  avoiding the use of mobile and tablet screens just before bed. Trying to read before bed and using relaxation methods to calm yourself down are other perfect tips to achieve this much-needed restful sleep.

Emotional Balance

In addition to all this, it is essential to mention psychological stress. A prolonged stage of stress can make you irritable, do not recognize your reactions, or even affect your sleep. This situation can be aggravated in times of coronavirus, for example, in which stress and insomnia become a vicious circle that leads to little energy and little desire to move throughout the day. All this avoided: try to follow some schedules and guidelines, set a time for sport (even if you don’t feel like it much), different tasks for each day, and some objectives that are very important when it comes to feeling that you continue to move forward in life.

It is also vital to acknowledge your feelings and discuss them with professionals, if necessary.  But it all adds up, and, when training, psychological well-being is essential. It will happen the other way around, and when you start training, you will notice that you feel better psychologically. With all these clear points, you only have to know what to work to maintain muscle mass at home and what instruments can help you do it.

What Type of Exercise are you Going to Do?

You need planning exercising, which also serves to know how much to demand of yourself and to be aware of the evolution you are going to have. As always, it depends a lot on the type of person you are (very athletic or little) and on the physical characteristics or injuries you have. However, as much as possible, you can plan your training.

In this case, it divided into two parts: one of cardio and the other of definition, toning or gain of muscle mass. Both are important, and the time dedicated to each of them will depend on the objective of the training.

Tools to Power Your Exercises at Home

You must bear in mind that for the increase of muscle mass, your training must sustain between 3 and 6 repetitions, about 3 or 4 exercises with a pause between repetitions of 2 minutes. And that these exercises have to readjust as you do them. Besides, you can give it power with two tools:

Resistance Bands to Avoid Muscle Mass

You can easily find these elastic bands on the Internet, allowing you to put up resistance to your training to make it more powerful. Also can add difficulty to any exercise, and it will help you gain muscle mass. And can work the lower body (in squats and strides) and the upper body (with pushups, rowing, and press).

Weights and Strength to Avoid Muscle Mass

To gain and maintain muscle mass, as well as to burn calories as fast as resistance is through strength with weight. In the gym, you have it easy; you just have to take the weight you want to work and give a cane to the exercise. However, if you are at home, you will probably find it more challenging to use a material that works for you. But there is! You can put a backpack full of clothes on your back, use canisters or kilos of vegetables for your arms and if you need more, the water jugs filled to the height you want to work (one-third, half, full, full) will also They will help a lot. Even if you dare, you can use one or two people for your training!

Table of Exercises You can Do at Home to Avoid Losing Muscle Mass

Some Suggestions for Exercises You can Do for 30 seconds (resting 10) to Avoid Muscle Mass are:

1. Traditional pushups: If it costs you at first, you can support your knees.

2. Traditional squats: remember that the knees cannot exceed the toes.

3. Squat jump: give a little more intensity squats as you stretch your legs jump.

4. Bounce squats: this time, we put the intensity in when you go down. Let your pelvis bounce gently by bending your knees.

5. Alternate stride: different with one foot frontward and stoop the knee 90 degrees. Guard your back and overall position.

6. Static stride: You can do the same by working with just one leg and holding the position.

7. Triceps with a chair: stretch your arms as you sit in a chair and go back down without resting on the floor.

8. Abdominal touching foot: with feet stretched, raise back slightly and try to touch the tip with arms holding the position.

9. Abdominal bike: bend one leg 90 degrees and stretch the other in the abdominal position, try to touch the part you have turned with the opposite elbow.

10. Static basic plank: hold the position with your forearms or arms stretched and contracting the abdomen.

11. Iron move with arms and forearms: instead of static, alternate doing the iron by stretching your arms and supporting your forearms for 30 seconds.

12. Static side plank: you must do it on one side and the other.

13. Spiderman: In a pushup position, bend one leg sideways, as if you wanted to touch your right elbow to your right knee. Do the same with the other side and alternate movements for 30 seconds.

14. Superman: lying on the floor, contract your abdomen, and raise your arms (stretched out) and legs to only be supported by the waist. Hold!


on digital platforms, there are Tabata tables; this is an exercise that involves 30 seconds of repetitions with 10 seconds of rest. In addition to having great songs warn you when you should rest and when the countdown begins for a new exercise.

And you, do you know of any other exercise to maintain muscle mass? Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is possible!

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