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Guideline To Use Essential Oils

Guideline To Use Essential Oils

The markets are flooded these days with essential oils, and we often see the rigorous marketing and advertisement campaigns that the brands carry out. But most people who are interested in essential oils and want to make a purchase, face two major dilemma.

One is which essential oil to buy or how to pick the best essential oil that will suit them, another one is how to use these essential oils and the guidelines to remember before using it.

Most of these brands are so indulged in advertisement and boosting sales, that they don’t look into a key factor: proper labelling and guidelines. The bottles come with so short guidelines that most consumers remain confused about safe and appropriate use.

So, this article covers all you need to know about the proper steps to use essential oil.

Applying Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in some certain ways; they are listed as follows:

●     How to use essential oils aromatically

The aromatic use of essential oils is the one most people know about. It is essential to learn how to use essential oils by diffusing their aroma. It is very crucial to know the product-specific water and oil ratios before using a diffuser, because otherwise the oil might have harmful effects.  Apart from that, you can use a fresh piece of cotton and add drops of your essential oil on it and apply on areas you want to. Again, you can also check if your essential oil is safe to put on hands, and if it is, you can take some drops on your palm and inhale from it with certain intervals in between.

●     How to use essential oils topically

The topical use of essential oil is the most common one and people ought to stick to it when they know the proper process. Essential oil can be applied on most parts of the body, other than the sensitive ones. It is better to dilute it with a carrier oil to help you adjust the strength of the aroma of your essential oil. Using essential oil topically in certain ways can result in relaxing your muscles, help in skincare help removing bad odor from certain body parts.

●     How to use essential oils internally

There are some essential oils which you can even ingest, rather than applying topically or inhaling. These are the same quality essential oils, but distinct by their type and labelling. There are some essential oils which you can mix with your water to stay hydrated by adding a few recommended numbers of drops. Again, some of these are also used as a flavor-enhancer in some drinks as well as in some food recipes.

Things to Consider While Applying Essential Oils

Check the Quality of the oil

There are certain essential oil brands that use additives with essential oil, which might not suit you and have harmful effects like allergic reaction. So, it is always recommended to find a reliable manufacturer who produces pure essential oils. But this doesn’t mean additives are bad every time, for instance some added vegetable oils might be okay to have in certain essential oils.

Natural doesn’t always mean good

We often have a misconception that pure or natural substances are always safe. But in reality, there are natural substances, which when applied on the skin, can be irritating or have allergic reactions. So, it is always recommended to consult with a medical professional or expert before applying an essential oil.

Watch out for allergies

There are people allergic to essential oils, so it is very important to know which one is the best suited for you. The labelling shows the list of ingredients or additives to the oil, so you can know from there if there is any element that you might be allergic to. For people who do have allergies, it is better to avoid some oils according to multiple reports, like: Ylang-ylang oil, cinnamon oil, oregano oil, lemongrass oil etc. And if you have an allergic reaction, it is recommended to immediately see a doctor.

Do change the older oils

Due to exposure to oxygen, essential oils oxidize over a certain period of time, and this can be really harmful for you, even causing irritation and other allergic reactions. So, it is recommended to avoid using old, spoiled or improperly stored oils for use and not to use them after 3 years.

Do not apply it raw

Natural essential oils are very potent, and they are too strong to use undiluted. So, it is very important to dilute them with a carrier oil before using.

You can apply your essential oil on your accessories and inhale from it or it is better to mix it with a carrier oil and then apply on your skin. And there also has been a kind of essential oil inhaler that comes with a kind of absorbent material to soak up the oil and covers the scent.

Less is more

It is essential to use very little or small drops of this oil with the carrier oil, a lower percentage of essential oil in the mixture will reduce the chances of any reaction to the body. And it is not like using small amount of essential oil will not be enough, because even 1-2 drops will get the job done for you.

Check the correct way to apply

Again, it is very crucial to check the type of essential oil and the labelling. Because if you apply an essential oil on your skin that is only safe to be used in your food, it can have very bad effects on your body. Same goes for the exact opposite, certain essential oils are only safe to use if applied topically, they should not be swallowed.

Do not go under sun after applying essential oil

There are some phototoxic essential oils which can cause irritation, blisters, or even burns when exposed to the sun. So, it is important to check the labelling about the warning information of your essential oil, and if possible, consult with a medical expert to know more about it.

Not recommended for special conditions

Essential oils are to be kept away from children at home. Elderly people should also use it only under strict supervision and help. It is recommended to keep essential oils away from pregnant women and people with special conditions like asthma, epilepsy, or other health complexities.

Bottom Line

With the growing popularity of essential oils, it is very important that we know the right ways to use it. Only then, we can experience the actual benefit that they offer and avoid any risks associated.

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