Getting Laser and Skin Surgery in New York


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Today, people are consumed with making themselves look more youthful and doing things to improve their overall appearance. Such a mentality has caused many people to seek cosmetic surgeons’ advice and services. The surgeons’ tasks range from enhancing people’s appearance to correcting some medical maladies the people may have. This article will address the various ways in which cosmetic surgeons help their patients and list some of the methods that are popularly used in cosmetic surgery. It will also let readers become more aware of what laser surgery is all about.

Looking at Cosmetic Surgeons and What They Offer

The field of cosmetic surgery is wide open for those who want to enter the area and want to take advantage of cosmetic services. The Laser & Skin Surgery of New York is a cosmetic surgery center that offers various services for patients seeking surgery for medical and aesthetic reasons. Aesthetic Lane uses proven Botox techniques to help you achieve younger-looking skin.

Patients from nearby and far away go to the center to have various services performed, such as facelifts, skin grafts, removal of tumors, and body contouring. Before getting these services, people may want to know precisely what laser surgery is and why it is preferred over scalpel surgery.

Laser Surgery

What to Know About Laser Surgery Versus Scalpel Surgery?

Traditionally, the surgeon performed surgery using a knife (also called a scalpel), and the risks were significant. Many surgeons made errors utilizing the blade, and unsightly scars were left on the patients. Along came the laser, which is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, and the device is a directed beam of light. This distinct beam of light was directed at a small surface and cut with precision that a surgeon could not dream of doing by hand with a scalpel. Laser surgery quickly became the best practice of surgeons and preferred by patients since there was little room for error. It is helpful to know that more research is ongoing to make continuous improvements to laser surgery practices.

Looking at the Types of Laser Surgery

There are two main types of laser surgery: ablation surgery and non-ablation surgery, and these are broken down into several methods done for patients. The first type vaporizes the top layers of the damaged skin, while the second type goes deeper into the skin and doesn’t touch the top layers. With this second type of laser surgery, there is not much downtime that a patient will experience since no skin is damaged. This is the preferred method of getting laser surgery if it is an option for the patient. Ablation surgery will be chosen if there is absolutely no other way to get the surgery done. The patient will receive a significant amount of counseling before actually having to decide to get this surgery. His or her fears will be assuaged before going in.

Continuing to Look at Types of Laser Surgery

A popular cosmetic procedure that is done is known as laser skin resurfacing, and it is done to remove blemishes, facial scars, and wrinkles. Looking at specific areas that laser skin resurfaces addresses, patients get this procedure for removing warts, scars left from chickenpox or acne, removal of liver spots, and improving skin that has been sun-damaged or otherwise aged. The resurfacing removes the outer layer of the skin, also called the epidermis, and heats the skin underneath that (dermis) at the same time. The lasers are also used to remove tattoos from those patients who have their reasons for having the tattoos removed.

Other Uses in Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is used to remove unwanted hair on the skin, and the success rate depends upon the person’s pigmentation. Those patients who have vascular issues such as broken blood vessels, spider veins, and certain types of birthmarks can benefit from having laser procedures done. Precancerous lesions are also being removed by using lasers, such as the ablation laser, although some doctors still recommend the scalpel for such procedures. However, the lasers have proven to be successful in removing these lesions from patients.

More on Laser Surgeries

A prevalent procedure that is done using the laser is the Botox injection, used to remove crow’s feet, bunny lines, and skin bands. The injection causes the skin to not contract or expand in that area, leaving the patient with smoother and younger-looking skin. Patients interested in total body makeovers get butt lifts, tummy tucks, and body sculpting techniques such as CoolSculpt and CoolTone. Of course, there is the ever-popular nose job and the injections that patients get in their lips to make them fuller.

Things to Know Before Opting for the Laser Surgery

Although it has received rave reviews, laser surgery is still surgery and those who will have it need to know a few things ahead of time. The patient needs to have a thorough discussion with the cosmetic surgery about any medications that he or she may need to stop taking before having the surgery. The patient will also need to know how much time will be spent recovering from whatever procedure is done, especially if the patient has a demanding job. The patient needs to understand that cosmetic surgery is not a cure-all, and it cannot entirely alter a person’s looks if that is what he or she is going for.

Final Thoughts About Laser Surgery

Much research is ongoing to improve the outcome of laser surgery technology, and interested persons are encouraged to take advantage of any clinical trials that may be going on. Cosmetic research scientists are always looking for volunteers, and in many cases, there is monetary compensation and incentives involved. Three-D imaging technology is a part of cosmetic surgery applications in most cosmetic surgery centers. Patients are invited to look at the imaging photos to see what they will look like after the surgery is performed. Pictures like these are sophisticated enough to let the patients know if the surgery they are talking about having will be worth what they get after the surgery.

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