How To Identify A Female Heart Attack And What To Do To Get Out Of Danger


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The signs of a female heart attack in women and its differences with men.

It seem like a lie, even when it comes to having a heart attack, there are differences between men and women. A female heart attack is not same as a male, and many times we  used to hearing one’s symptoms that we do not stop to think that we may be suffering the same with different symptoms.

The female infarction is entirely unknown in the population. However, it causes more damage and more deaths than men. Both present significant differences that are very interesting to analyze. And that is that we must be more alert to know how to identify a female heart attack and what to do to get out of danger. If we ever feel the symptoms that we are going to explain below.

Which are the risk factors? What should we do to avoid it? we give you all the answers.

Risk Factors For Female Heart Attack

Risk Factors For Female Heart Attack (1)


  • According to a doctoral thesis from the Complutense University of Madrid, risk factors affect both sexes and are, among others, “high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, smoking, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Although, as this thesis rightly points out, the percentage of risk factors in women increases with age. Therefore, we should not think that it is something that affects men more than women, and we must know everything that happens to us.
  • Going to medical reviews as we get older is essential to prevent cardiovascular disease and, therefore, a female heart attack.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Female Heart Attack?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Female Heart Attack_

  • Indeed, you tired seeing symptoms of male heart attack, either because you have heard it or because you have suffered it with someone close to you or even in a movie. The protagonist is performing an activity with high effort and suddenly feels a severe pain in the chest or arm that runs the entire length of the limb.
  • Although it is not superfluous to recognize that, sometimes, the heart attack is not as recognizable as we think. However, in the case of women, the heart attack is much wordier. The pain is not so acute and localized and, therefore, not so easy to qualify or diagnose. When the pain of this type of heart attack felt, several women locate pain in the mouth part of the stomach and the center of the chest and not on the left side as usual.
  • Another difference that exists for the male is that it usually occurs (or is usually more common) at rest and not during intense activity.
  • Besides, it usually shows previous symptoms such as weakness and insomnia. The days before and during the heart attack extreme chest tightness with difficulty breathing, nausea, dizziness, cold sweat, lack of strength. And it may be possible to reflect pain in the part of the back.

Therefore, The Symptoms Are:

  • Oppression in the chest.
  • Difficulty breathing, with excessive cough, feeling of suffocation, and complication to catch the air. In our daily life, nothing has to make us think something like this. However, it is a very similar symptom to when you are going through an episode of anxiety.
  • Acidity and reflux. It does not have to be key symptomatology since we can suffer reflux or heartburn without further ado. However, that very repeated sensation, along with other symptoms, can be a signal that should make us alert.
  • Nausea, dizziness, general weakness, and lack of strength caused by an incorrect circulation of the blood and, therefore, inadequate oxygenation of the cells.
  • Cold sweat and lightheadedness.

How Can We Identify That We Have A Heart Attack?

Be up to date with cardiovascular reviews, especially if we are at the ages when we should do it. From the age of 35, it is essential to be aware of our cardiovascular health and take care of ourselves if we need it. This way, we can know if, in principle, we are at risk of having a heart attack or if we can avoid it by taking care of ourselves a little more.

  • Secondly, be aware of what happens to our body. A female heart attack can indeed be confused with an episode of stress or anxiety, but let us be mindful of whether this is happening to us or, conversely, we are not stressed. We need to pay care to how we have been sleeping or feeling the previous nights.
  • Finally, when in doubt, let us go to our doctor. Whether it is an episode of anxiety or stress or something else. It is necessary to treat it and, therefore, it is essential for our doctor to know it and record it in our history. In this way, we will be able to treat our symptoms as it deserves because if the body is sending us signals, we must listen to them.
  • Likewise, experts warn that it is usual that in the days before a woman suffers a heart attack. She has insomnia, weakness, anxiety that they should put on alert. If in doubt, especially if there is no history of other diseases that can cause similar symptoms, it is best to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

What To Do To Get Out Of Danger ?

As you can imagine, once you have a heart attack,cannot go back and lie down, but have to act quickly. In the case of women, symptoms are often confused with stress, anxiety, or tiredness. However, this kind of symptomatology not passed so quickly.

You must also bear in mind that, as we have previously mentioned, the risk increases with age. After menopause, the risk of having a heart attack may increase. If three things, age, symptoms, duration of them put together, you should not think twice, and should go to doctor. If the symptoms persist and we feel bad, with severe pain, we should call the ambulance for help.

Of course, you must consider what the best time to call the ambulance is. Some people refuse to call the doctors to come to their homes but when they have specific pains. They do not think twice, pains  from uncomfortable pressure on the chest, tightness, pain not go after a few minutes. To shortness of breath that we believe may come from the pain and spread to the stomach, arms or neck. Cold sweat,dizziness that don’t go away are also significant indicators that it’s time to call doctors to treat you properly.

Now that you know the symptoms of a female heart attack and what you should do if they appear. It is time for you to start taking proper care of yourself. If you are already a certain age. You should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and say goodbye to tobacco. Take care.

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