Transmasculine Top Surgery: I Am Transgender, So How Can I Get My Breasts Removed?


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The purpose of the transmasculine top surgery procedure is to have breast tissue eliminated from the breasts and give the chest a more masculine appearance. This procedure is completed in one visit and involves the use of a variety of techniques.  The factors should be considered when determining which method is ideal for your situation. This includes the quantity of extra skin, breast tissue quantity, and your desire to continue feeling nipple sensation.

Who Should Consider Transmasculine Top Surgery?

Transmasculine top surgery is a very personal operation. Your decision to have this procedure should solely be for yourself. It shouldn’t be done to satisfy others or to conform to any perfect image.

You are likely an ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure if:

-You have mental health problems concerning your gender that need to be well managed.
-You have reached the legal age of consent.
-You have a good attitude and reasonable goals for the procedure.
-You’ve been conforming to your desired gender.
-You’ve been diagnosed with a chronic gender identity disorder.
-You have been recommended by a mental health professional.

What Will Be Covered During The Consultation For Transmasculine Top Surgery?

Prepare to discuss the following topics during your consultation for transmasculine top surgery:

-Previous operations
-Your transitioning procedure
-Health problems, adverse reactions, and medical interventions
-Present prescription drugs, alcohol, supplements, smoking, and drug use

You can also expect your cosmetic surgeon to:

-Talk about any surgical alternatives and make a plan of care
-Examine your overall physical health as well as any current medical conditions
-Talk about the most probable results and any possible complications.
-Examine your breasts and take pictures of them

You can ask your cosmetic surgeon any questions you may have. He or she will also address any concerns as well.  It is critical that you understand every aspect of the procedure.

It’s normal to experience some nervousness, even if it’s just exuberance for your upcoming new look or a little pre-surgical tension. It is okay to express your emotions to your cosmetic surgeon.

Are There Any Risks Associated With the Procedure?

The choice to undergo transmasculine top surgery is highly individual. You must decide whether the advantages will meet your goals. Numerous people look at this procedure as a vital step toward resolving their personal issues regarding their gender.

The risks of surgery will be thoroughly explained by the cosmetic surgeon. Transmasculine top surgery risks include bleeding, infection, poor incision healing, blood clot, a decline in nipple sensation, and an allergic reaction to anesthesia.

What Should I Do To Get Ready for Transmasculine Top Surgery?

You may be asked to do the following in preparation for transmasculine top surgery:

-Obtain lab tests or a health assessment
-Avoid smoking
-Avoid taking certain medications
-Do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs
-Obtain a recommendation from a mental health professional

Transmasculine top surgery is usually done in a surgery center under general anesthesia. Your subsequent appointments will, however, be done in an outpatient facility. Local anesthesia will more than likely be given during the procedure. These decisions will be made depending on the requirements of your particular procedure, as well as your preferences and the best judgment of your doctor. To learn more about the operation, go to the transmasculine top surgery video.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Wound dressings will be applied to your surgical site following the operation. To help with swelling and discomfort, a support bra will be highly recommended. Tubing will also be used to drain an accumulation of fluid in the chest area.

You will be given clear directions on caring for your incision after surgery. Your surgeon will also inform you of the medications you should be taking and when to expect follow-up appointments. Any other important information will be shared with you.

It will take a couple of weeks for the swelling to subside and the shape of your chest to return to normal.  Keep following your plastic surgeon’s directions and go to your scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure you recover quickly.

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