Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon And Financing The Procedure


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Also known as restorative or reconstructive surgery, Plastic surgery has been around for decades. It is divided into two distinctive categories—cosmetic surgery and Reconstructive surgery. All types of plastic surgery carry significant risks for the patient. However, risk can be mitigated by finding the best surgeon to perform the plastic surgery and financially planning oneself for the procedure and the recovery period.

Finding The Best Plastic Surgeon

When looking for the right plastic surgeon, one might get scared by the cases of botched surgeries that leave the patient in a worse state than before. The good news is that the cases that aren’t done the right way only represent less than 5% of plastic surgeries performed, and almost all of these are carried out by unqualified surgeons.

Choosing the best surgeon in your area will largely depend on the kind of procedure you want. No single surgeon can perform every procedure for all the patients. The surgeon who did your friend’s plastic surgery may not be best for you. Different plastic surgery patients have different temperaments and needs and will consequently only form a bond with specific doctors. So what should a patient look for when choosing a surgeon? Here are a few pointers.

1. Are the Surgeons Board-Certified?

First, patients should always make sure that their potential surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Before any consultation is scheduled, this should be done to save time and money. Although this organization does not certify surgeons, it is well recognized and respected because it keeps its members well trained and in line with safety standards during patient care.

It is important to note that these two organizations are the only legitimate organizations for plastic surgeons. Patients should be careful not to be fooled by unfamiliar jargon. Be on the lookout for quack doctors offering meagre prices for procedures and promising unrealistic results.

2. Schedule A Consultation and Have a Chat

To some extent, plastic surgery involves artistry. It is not uncommon for two surgeons to have completely different approaches to the same procedure. Patients should only settle for surgeons who take their unique individual characteristics into planning the procedure rather than a generic approach.

In other words, a good plastic surgeon should customize any procedure to the patient’s unique needs. In addition, patients should look at previous procedures performed by the surgeon to ensure that the results of the procedure are as they needed theirs to be.

You need to clear as many of your doubts as possible, no matter how juvenile or trivial they sound. Ask about everything from the procedure to the recovery time and the precautions you will have to take during that period. If you want to get double eyelids, the popular trend that is attracting a lot of women in Asian countries, you need to seek help from a qualified ptosis surgeon in Singapore. They will be able to show you successful case studies of their past work to boost your confidence.

3. Now Take a Look at the Facility

One can tell a lot from inspecting the medical facility. A workman is only as good as his tools. It won’t matter how skilled a surgeon is if the environment they’re working in is less than satisfactory. This is why medical facilities must have a State issued License, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Looking at reviews left by previous patients can help gauge the facility’s quality of care during and after the procedure.

Financing a Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that plastic surgery can come at a hefty cost. This is a big challenge for people whose quality of life is genuinely lowered by issues that plastic surgery can solve. Some people cannot afford these surgeries and mistakenly opt to visit foreign countries for cheaper options. Adding insult to injury, most insurance covers do not cover plastic surgery, even if the patient’s quality of life is affected by body deformities. The good news is you may qualify for financing in your area. Here are some good tips about plastic surgery financing.

  • In such scenarios, patients can take out a plastic surgery loan to pay for surgery and post-op care.
  • Many patients neglect post-op costs which is a mistake. Post-op recovery is just as crucial as getting the right surgeon.
  • If patients do not give their bodies time to rest and heal, they open themselves to potentially fatal post-op complications.
  • When looking for the best plastic surgery loan, steer clear of high-interest loans, especially if you already have a bad credit score.
  • The average cost of plastic surgery ranges from $385 to $8,500 and above.
  • Paying more does not necessarily mean the patient will get better results or post-op care.
  • It is also prudent to check with the patient’s insurance company to see whether they cover any plastic surgery package in any capacity.

The Key Take Away

Plastic surgery has become increasingly common in recent years, with surgeons performing over 10 million procedures each year. It offers relief to patients who aren’t happy with their appearance in a society where looks are everything for one reason or another. Patients often underestimate the value of finding the best plastic surgeon for their procedure and the cost of the procedure and post-op care. These two processes can lead to the patient getting jaw-dropping results from plastic surgery if carefully considered.

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